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Suggestions For New Members

Posted on February 10, 2012 at 12:25 PM

Here are some suggestions. There there to take or leave, that's why there called suggestions.

Setting up your profile:

  1. Choose a picture that fits your character and the era. I would prefer if you stay away from photograph type images and concentrate more on painted character images. If you can't find an image then ask I have a large archive and i'm sure some of the other players do as well.
  2. Personal info about yourself is optional. I prefer to remain IC (In Character) others don't, that choice is yours.
  3. Give some sort of profile on your character, description, background. This can be short or detailed and can be changed at any time. Pictures can even be added to the info page if you have more then one that you'd like to use. My character is a perfect example of this.
  4. Group Contacts: I have all the members grouped in my messenger list under BlackRose Manor. This way I know when a contact is on. It also makes it easier when i want to send out a message to everyone or invite everyone to a conference.
  5. Go into the profiles and add each contact to that group, their id's are at the bottom of their profile on the info tab of each character.
  6. If you would like to see that characters name in your yahoo list. Right click on the character, go to contact details and change their first and last name (if given) to their characters name. Makes it much easier in the plays if you see the characters name, rather then the users id or a different name as they have stated. Also makes editing easier if your the one doing the editing.
  7. If you can, try to use a text editor to prepare your post, cuts down on spelling errors and capitalization. Just a few of the issues I have come across in editing.

Remember these are just suggestions. More to come as I think of them. I am just starting to set up this blog so subscribe to it or check back often. Hopefully you will find some useful tips and info here.

Thank You
Raven BlackRose

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