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Cooperative Role Play

Posted on February 24, 2012 at 4:50 PM

This form of play can be defined as Roleplay in where all involved contribute to a story, where the wants, needs, and goals of each character are brought in to consideration. It is a collaborative effort where all players are co-authoring the overall tale being played out.


I touched base on this with The 3 C’s article and will expand on that subject a bit more.


In a Free-Form Role Playing Game (FFRPG) you are the author of your own story. You can make your character as powerful, beautiful, wise, or wicked as you want. However all of that means little if those you play with are not willing to play into your character’s illusion. This can be highly frustrating depending on the nature of one’s character. Hard to play an imposing villain when the other characters don’t feel they can be any sort of threat. Why play a seductress if others are somehow immune to the wiles, pheromones, and subtleties you painstakingly think of. These are the things I spoke off in making each other look good.


In play, some are noticing there is an odd nature to Cain’s scent. He has an incense about him from hours spent burning a special blend of Rhino Horn, Cocoa beans, dried Passion Fruit. Two of which have chemical triggers that release endorphins in the brain that aid blood flow. For humans it reacts as a strong aphrodisiac and to supernatural beings it holds similar effects. But that scent only holds sway for those players that want it to work on their characters. If a player chooses not to play into that part of the illusion around Cain, then I’m not going to force it. It is about working with each other to tell the story. While the incense has these alluring capabilities, he uses it as a defense against creatures with a heightened sense of smell, such as Lycans.


That is just one example of playing into each other’s illusion. No one can make, or do anything to your character without your permission. This isn’t true for all role-play sites. Each one has their own rules on how events are handled. From experience, most of AOL post-1995 is a No-Mun (Player) Consent field where if someone wants to harm your character, they’re going to do it and you either play things their way…or leave the room.


No Mun Consent, while not initially negative is expressly reflective on those who play into it. This form gave rise to god-modding, screen name deletion as a penalty to losing, guild wars, and chat battles where the minimum length was a 20 chat-box post detailing your moves. It wasn’t about skill, it was about who could type the fastest. That sort of play isn’t something I enjoy, and it isn’t conducive at all in promoting player cooperation. I have heard horror stories where disputes crossed into the realm of Out of Character (OOC). These incidents are nightmares not just for the players, but the administrators who have to work through how to handle the entire situation.


In Role Play we are all co-authors to one large story. Working together has the best odds at making it a great tale than any one person trying to control every aspect.

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