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The RolePlayer's Pledge

Posted on February 20, 2012 at 2:40 AM

The Roleplayer's Pledge


1. First and foremost, I will remember that I am a member of a community and that my play is dependent on the direct and indirect participation of others. Without each other, we have nothing.


2. I will treat other players, characters, SLs with respect, even if I am choosing not to play with them.


3. I will keep my OOC criticism of other players, characters, and SLs constructive in nature. When I read constructive criticism about my own characters and SLs, I will try to be open minded, and I will not be defensive. I don't have to agree, just as no one has to agree with my opinions about their characters and SLs.


4. I will not be snarky or rude, even when my comments are meant to be general. Snarkiness, even for the sake of humor, can be hurtful, and that is poison to our community.


5. When I have a problem with another player, character, or SL, I will address it directly with the player in question, and I will approach that person in a respectful manner, always giving them the benefit of the doubt first.


6. When I vent, even in private arenas, about play issues that I do not feel are worthy of addressing directly with the player, character, or SL in question, I will keep in mind that I am speaking of another player, a real live person, who deserves my respect, no matter what.


7. I will recognize when someone is venting to me in private and will not repeat something that might be hurtful to others. In addition, I will speak up when I feel someone is venting in a cruel or disrespectful manner.


8. I will recognize that my play, characters, SLs, are not going to appeal to everyone, and I will try to perceive the difference between being ignored and being respectfully played around.


9. I will be supportive of the IC, community-building efforts of others. If for some reason I don't like those efforts, I will address that with the players directly, or in a public venue keeping a constructive and respectful tone, or I will politely avoid them.


10. I will be a positive, constructive, communicative, supportive, and encouraging member of this community. Negativity of any kind can be damaging to the group and eventually damages my own play and enjoyment. I will try to focus on the positive.

Graciously provided by Cain Romulus


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Reply Krystal Charm
1:07 AM on February 23, 2012 
*holds up hand* I swear to try and follow all the above mentioned rules.
Reply Desmond M Lafayette
9:09 PM on February 22, 2012 
I, desmond, will abide by this pledge. Hence forth and forever after
Reply Cain
4:00 PM on February 21, 2012 
I'm Commander Caine, and I support this Pledge.
Reply J'nali Anubel
1:44 PM on February 21, 2012 
So it is written, so it shall be done.
Reply Kaylin
7:13 AM on February 21, 2012 
I Kaylin, take this pledge
Reply Aiden BlackRose
2:58 PM on February 20, 2012 
I Aiden take this pledge here in this hour.
Reply Isabella Crain
2:31 PM on February 20, 2012 
I Isabella, take this pledge to the heart.
Reply Wyatt MacIntyre
2:54 AM on February 20, 2012 
I Wyatt, do hereby take this pledge.
Reply Raven BlackRose
2:49 AM on February 20, 2012 
I Raven, take this pledge here and now.