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Krystal Charm
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Cain: Lips thin as he reclines languidly upon the floor of the main hall. His eyes fixated upon the ceiling, catching the gothic architecture with a bit of charcoal and strokes of his thumb. A few faint murmurs for thought as he takes the images and twists them. Horned devils morph into seductive arched backs and reaching claws become becoming hands. Boots cross one over the other with the black of his breeches tucked in as they cling all the way up his lean hips. -d-


Krystal Charm: *Waiting for the Obsidian to heat in the Fordge she was busy grinding and re working the Were' teeth and claws she had left from her now demolished tavern. Singing softly to herself as she did.* Cover my eyes. Cover my ears. Tell my these words are a lie. This can't be true...that I'm Losing you. The sun can not fall from the sky. Can you hear heaven cry. tears of an angel. -c-


Krystal Charm: *Turning she checked on the Obsidian before she continued her singing and work.* Stop every clock...the walls are in shock...the river won't flow to the sea...*setting down her tool and the tooth she had been working on she flipped the Obsidian and covered it with the coals. Her skin singed but did not out right burn for she did not leave her arm in the flames or heat long enough to allow it. lifting a brow she could feel the Manor residents rising from their sleep.* -e-


Cain: A final twist to the image he rose to his feet as if bolted to a plank of wood. Every movement defying gravity and the 'natural way'. Returning the sketchpad to his room, he took up his hat and cane and began to drift aimlessly through the manor, just following his feet. Having risen just before sunset he had well until after dawn to fill his idle hours. -d-


Krystal Charm: *Once again turning the obsidian she went back to work on the tooth she had. Humming softly the rest of the tune before she began another to keep her busy. Her soft gentle voice ringing out around her.* He feeds on fear....he feeds on hate. He rules again.*as she drew out the right notes she sang as she worked.* -e-


Cain: Following the scent of smoke and metal with the faintest hint of bone. Curiosity peaked he followed it and came to a pause before a burning forge...and the one vampire that did her best to avoid him! oh ho! A wonder of a night indeed. -d-


Krystal Charm: *Catching Cain’s scent she looked up.* Evening Sir Cain. I trust you rested well? *looking back to taking small slices from the tooth and placing them into a pestle.* -e-


Cain: "I've been up for a few hours now..." he commented softly to her inquiry. Idly switching the cane from hand to hand he watched quietly. "Careful with the obsidian, it's a fragile mineral." -d-


Krystal Charm: *She nodded* I know. Don’t worry. That Obsidian is my own. as are these.*She held up the teeth and claws.* Finishing the one carefully she began on another.* I am also aware that you have been up for a while. You are the only one here I take it since I can not feel any of the others any longer. *she glanced up from her work* -e-


Cain: He arched a slender brow at that and idly wondered at the relation ship among those in the house. He'd not met many that knew when others were awake. Curious indeed. He might need to test that sensor of hers. -d-


Krystal Charm: *Making sure she did not keep her eyes from her work long she moved gracefully and set the claw she had been working on down as she checked on her obsidian letting it cool a bit as she grabbed the ground up teeth and claws she had ready and began to implement them into the blade as she shaped and hammered at it gently* You are curious about tell. -e-


Cain: "Nothing important." was his honest reply. Eyes watch her move back and forth with fading interest in her work. He could surmise that since the metal being worked wasn't silver, the ground up teeth were meant to be a way around such issues. -d-


Krystal Charm: *Once she had the ground up teeth and claws into the metal she began placing the thin slices along the edge of the blade and working them till the two melded together* You look bored Sir Cain. Working a new weapon or even repairing the old ones can be great therapy. -e-

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Krystal Charm
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Cain: "Of that I have no doubt. I'm just more for softer past times. Though part of me wonders, won't the ground of teeth and claw weaken the metal? Being a foreign material after all..." an honest question where he leans a bit to get a better look. -d-


Krystal Charm: *She nodded* Yes...if my blade were Normal Obsidian and those were normal teeth and claws. How ever they are not. these...*She held up the sword as she moved it about a bit to test the balance and weight before going back to working on it.*-e-


Cain: "Normal obsidian. As opposed to abnormal?" The lass really didn't offer much in the way of details to her statements. Slowly he moved a bit closer but not enough to possibly be in her way as he looked at all the different tools. -d-


Krystal Charm: * She nodded as she stuck the blade back into the coals.* Yes. The obsidian I am using comes from fields protected by the arch angels. The teeth...the claws...are from were beings. the spell that was cast on my weapons when I made them helped blend them together to make them stronger and more lethal. I can not be killed with my own daggers or sword. the spell also prevents that and I am the only one that can lift my sword or daggers. It is to keep the enemies from being able to take us out with our own weapons.*she looked up as she spoke now that she was working on repairing the handle. this being a simple re-wrapping.* -e-


Cain: "That seems to be on the low end of worries." The rest of her comments just made his brow arched further. If by enemies she referred to were Lycan’s then he'd have to find out more about the locals. All of the Lycan’s he'd ever thought would be infuriated at killing with a weapon. Weapons are for humans after all. A true predator uses their natural gifts. The claw and fang. -d-


Krystal Charm: *Being very careful as she handled the teeth and claws she began to put the rest she had that were whole into a small leather pouch. as she placed the last one in the bag she hissed and yanked her hand out. Her thumb instantly in her mouth as blood had already begun to bead where the claw had nicked her.*-e-


Cain: Adjusting his hat, the man watched as Krys began to suck at her wounded appendage curiously. The faint scent of blood a minimal thing. "Even in death...a wolf can still bite you." -d-


Krystal Charm: *She glared at him a bit. Removing her thumb as it was a bit slower to heal than it should have been* Yes I know. Why do you think I was being so careful.*turning she removed the blades from the fire and doused them in the water listening to them hiss.* metals can not harm me. *she spoke a bit softer now as she was lost in a memory.* I have only one weakness now.... -e-


Cain: "Bragging are we?" The bit of anger vastly amusing him and he let it reflect in his tone. Eyes just follow her movements as he remained with the stillness of ancient stones. -d-


Krystal Charm: *She frowned as she sighed* No.*pulling the blades from the water she checked them and made any adjustments she needed to before they completely cooled. then placed them down to finish cooling. She felt grimy and gross and needed a bath or a swim or what ever would ease her nerves.* Not exactly Sir Cain. I do not relish my weakness for it is redundant and stupid. How ever it is my lot and I accept a point. *and she began to move out of the room.* -e-


Cain: "I would imagine your dual nature would give you many weaknesses. Those of the divine and of the damned." Oh yes, he smelled it there and followed quietly at a pace the only sound coming from him was that of his cane thudding on the ground. -d-


Krystal Charm: You would think. How ever I am some what of an...enigma of my kind.*She had moved to her own room and pulled out her only spare dress. and a towel she had made from the remaining cloth. then she grabbed a small bar wrapped in another smaller cloth and headed out to find some where to bathe.* You must be very bored Sir Cain if you are going to follow me all night. -e-

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Krystal Charm
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Cain: "The only time I'm not bored is when I am dead." he noted the towel, dress, and then what he could guess to be soap. His shoulders rise and fall lightly to her observation. "With eternity before you, the first century or two moves quickly. After that, finding ways to pass the time become harder, and losing the ability to emotionally connect with the living feeds into it. For to be vampire...means deathly by degrees." -d-


Krystal Charm: *She looked at him as she walked* Oh? Well then I would imagine you are now at the epitome of boredom?*stopping be a pool of water at the bottom of a small waterfall she set her things down and lifted a brow.* -e-


Cain: "Not quite that far." From within a pocket of his coat, Cain removes a scented handkerchief holds it up to his mouth and nose, inhaling the familiar incense. Eyes flutter as the chemicals trigger familiar memories. -d-


Krystal Charm: *watching him she frowned a bit. Shrugging she went about undressing. Now only in a small bandaged like top that covered her breasts and a scort like contraption she moved into the water. Her long hair pulled over her shoulder to reveal twin scars between her shoulder blades.*-e-


Cain: As she undressed and slipped within the water he smiled a bit. But whether it was her or some inner thought he left her without a sound made, or a breeze left behind. Merely vanished as though a fading ghost. -d-

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