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Krystal Charm
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Chance: Most of the people at the manor went to their rooms and to rest or amuse themselves until the sun came up, Chance wandered in and walked to the library, it was where he spent a lot of his time, he however waited nearing it and looking back to see if Krystal would follow.* -e-


Krystal Charm: *After a moments hesitation as she continued to watch the sun rise she followed him. She would have to go out and sit in the gardens before the sun went down so she could enjoy its warmth for a while.* So tell me Chance...tell me about you since I have told you about myself.*she spoke as she now stood beside him* -e-


Chance: Chance continued walking noticing she was coming and moved down into the basement, into his room then and lays down onto his bed...glances back at her and takes a breath to sigh..."It will have to wait for tomorrow. I must sleep now. Can I meet you here and dusk?


Krystal Charm: *She smiled and bowed* Of course. Sleep well Sir chance.* Moving out of his room she did indeed go sit in the gardens for a time. soaking in the sunlight and enjoying the day change before her. She moved to check on her weapons to see about their durability and then busied herself with her training. As Dusk neared she bathed, dressed in a new out fit. A black Corset with cream lace over it. No shoulder straps or sleeves. Lacing up the front. She wore black form fitting pants with a cream mini skirt styled flaps on the front and back though they did not connect on the sides. Mid-calf high flat soled traveling boots of Black with Cream designs on the sides. Her daggers at her hips as usual her hair pulled up away from her face but left long and flowing down her back. She stood leaning <C>


Krystal Charm: against the wall out side his door she waited for him to wake. Lost in thoughts as she continued to think on designs for her cabin she would be building on another piece of land of the Manor.* <e>


Chance: Chance awoke when the sun just disappeared, the horizon was still lit but only a shade, he did rest in his robes and the first thing he did was go to his shower and bath, vampires were sterile and did not get dirty but it refreshed him nonetheless, after dressing in red silk robes not intended to go out really walks to his door, already noticing that her presence was near, he opened it slowly..."Ah Krystal. You could have waited anywhere you wish. I hope you were not here long.-e-


Krystal Charm: *She smiled as she stood. her eyes running over his robes in admiration.* No...I did not wait long. Very nice. Silk...I am guessing you were planning a night in? -e-


Chance: Chance walked out of his room entirely and shrugs..."I did not have any plans to go anywhere. What would you like to do though? I know talking is one of them and that'd be nice. We can go out if you'd prefer. -e-


Krystal Charm: *Shaking her head she smiled* I do not have plans for going out tonight either. So. where do you spend most of your time in the Manor Chance? -e-


Chance: I spend it in my room or in the library. I've been looking up things and reading. Making plans ..I am not as young or impulsive as I was. : he turned and opened his door…"Come in. I admit it is pretty Spartan but I intended for no guests to come by. You know I'm not very sociable. : inside the room was lit by lanterns only on some tables, revealing an alchemy place as well as an enchanting table ...various occult items were here and there, several book cases filled an entire wall , there was a few chairs and each had a table with a candle but were not lit, a doorway led into his room, "Come and take a seat. -e-


Krystal Charm: *She nodded in approval at the decor.* I like it. Very anti-social.*smiling as she sat she watched him* I do not mind simple needs Chance. I am not a fancy type...unless it is my clothing as you can see. so...what have you been researching of late if I may ask? -e-


Chance: I...: he glances down and only nods, moving in after her then he walks to a small cabinet and pours out two glasses of very old and deep red wine, having a woody smell to it and tasted of spices, places the crystal class on an end table for her..."Ruins or old places. I'm looking for lost treasures of various sorts. Old knowledge or artifacts. -e-


Krystal Charm: *Taking up the glass she scented the wine gently.* Oh? and have you found anything worth looking into in greater detail?*glancing up to him smirking as she shipped the wine*-e-


Chance: I went with Eva on a small adventure. It was expected. Nothing too hard. I do plan on looking for more though. The problem is ever since i came here I lost my powers. I cannot rely on luck to get me through the danger I will surely confront. Can I get you anything else? -e-


Krystal Charm: *Shaking her head she smiled* Thank this is fine. Have you become unsure of your self here Chance?*still watching him her gaze turned some what thoughtful* -e-


Chance: I, as I said things have changed. I seem not to be connected to here. It is a safe refuge though and that is valuable. I believe you came here for the same reason. -e-


Krystal Charm: *She looked down a bit.* Yes well...Its not as safe for me as you might think. I will not be staying in the Manor. I will be building a small cabin some where on the property at some point. It is not safe for the others if I stay with in the walls of the Manor.-e-


Chance: I would think those others would want you specifically. Would they harm another soul to get to you? : he moves sitting down with his own glass sipping casually...looking over her features easily in the dim light


Krystal Charm: *At that she chuckled darkly.* Yes...a Manor full of vampires, Were's, and hybrids...oh yes. They would destroy this place all in hopes I die in the ruins. -e-


Chance: Is there a way you can fully evade them. I mean a way for you to be fully undetectable by them? : takes another good sip and glances over her again..."I can say you have fine taste yourself in attire.


Krystal Charm: *She smiled a bit* thank you. And yes...there is only one way for my to evade them.*she looked at him over her glass as she took another sip of her wine.* And that Chance it to actually die. it is the only way off that hit list. -e-


Chance: I would suggest that you die. In a manner of speaking of course. I don't know your actual origin or what you are per-say but I'm sure you have thought of what you could. So now you know my home and business. You should yourself keep yourself busy here near the manor. Enjoy a hobby or two. Do tell me if you are tired and you can take a nap.


Krystal Charm: *Sighing she nodded* I have...but it is not that simple. Because my angelic blood did not fully change with me it is not east to take my life though its not impossible.-e-


Chance: Oh I see. Have you searched for a way to avoid them or hide from them? Perhaps one of their own may hold an answer. A magic you've not tried yet. Is there anything I can do for you or in some way amuse you tonight? -e-


Krystal Charm: *She smiled as she sipped at her wine* Chance relax. I am a simple woman. I need not luxurious entertainment your conversation is quite enough. That may be true. But as I said. in my history this has only happened one other time and at that time it was taken care of quickly. As it would have been with me if I had not known who I was dealing with. They taught me well and then I adapted it to my own style. *Then she had an Idea* In fact...if you like I could show you. though it would require much more room than your sleeping quarters can provide.-e-

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Krystal Charm
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Chance: What do you mean show me? : sitting up slightly and smiles more, sipping a while on his wine before setting it down, "Would you rather keep it a surprise? Unfortunately I do not have much space you see. Where else we can go is either the manor or some domicile of yourself. -e-


Krystal Charm: *She chuckled* I did not say I would show you everything. Come.*she set her glass down after finishing it and patting his leg as she stood.* I will show you a bit of what I learned and what I changed. although....*she stilled as a thought hit her.* nah...that might hurt to much come on*and she started walking again.* -e-


Chance: He finished his wine and stood up, "Do not underestimate me. I may seem calm and collected. So then ladies first I suppose. I will follow you know I'm not in the mood to fight any wolves though. -e-


Krystal Charm: *She chuckled* We are not leaving the Manor. Do not worry Chance. I just need a bigger room.*Moving to the Main Hall she smiled as it was empty. Perfect the less of a crowd the easier this would be.* Alright.* she clapped her hands together and rubbed them a bit* Ready? -e-


Chance: Chance follows and stops in the doorway, looking over her then to the room...raises a brow..."You know you'll get in trouble if anything is really broken. Don't singe the drapes eh? -e-


Krystal Charm: *Rolling her eyes she smirked.* Don't worry I wont break anything.*she took a quick but perfect summery of the room and then after a moment to clear her head she took out her daggers and began her training. She moved fluidly with grace as she looked more like she was dancing than training. Doing a perfect leap, tuck, and roll. As she came from the roll she did a back flip with an extended leg that would normally break a jaw if contact was made. landing she swiftly knelt in a spin kick and came up into a round house kick that would once again break jaws. As she came to a stop she smiled a bit as she replaced her daggers.* -e-


Chance: Chance watched her and smiles a little, finally clapping his hands and nodding once, "That was very nice. Very different from how i practice. Far less, entrancing too. I tend to be more primal when it comes to it. A little more messy as well. You should spar with someone to test your skills. I think it is the best way to learn.


Krystal Charm: *She nodded* I spar when I want to learn something new and make it my own. And sparing would be better against some one else who had a passion that meant to actually harm me. Its no fun if it isn’t real.*smiling a bit* -e-


Chance: If you want to spar for real then the winner of it must win something and the loser lose something. I'm not very skilled with knives however. I'm more a sword man. Losing for me would be near true death. Are there any other talents you have or tricks up your sleeve? -e-


Krystal Charm: *She smiled* Oh...there are several tricks and talents but I told you I would not share all my secrets didn’t I? -e-


Chance: I think so. Tell me, are you in a confrontational mood? It is still a bit early and I can be tempted into all sorts of trouble. Perhaps a walk outside to find grounds for your cabin might help. I’m sure the night will keep us safe, and alert us if trouble arises. -e-

Krystal Charm: *She smiled* Thank you but I have already found a place for it and have already started gathering supplies for its building. How ever A walk out side with you sounds very inviting to me. If you are up to it that is. -e-


Chance: We shall do that then. Do you plan on building this house yourself? : he began walking towards the exit, opening and leading out onto the porch, looking up noticing the stars and smiles..."A walk. Could prove fortuitous for me you know. Come and tell me of your troubles. It is a way to relieve them you know. -e-

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Krystal Charm
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Krystal Charm: *She smiled as she walked with him.* Is that so? Fortuitous how? I have only begun gathering materials I need. My troubles are only to keep those that live in the Manor safe from what follows me. -e-


Chance: I would really considering on finding how to build your home as soon as I can. The cabin can only cover what is really there i think. Oh that, is for me to know and you to find out. : he walks along a path leading aside the woods...casually walking, his hands clasped in front of him for now -e-


Krystal Charm: *She smiled* I still need help finishing gathering supplies. sadly Sir Cain could not finish helping me with that task as he had to leave. But I would be most gracious for any help I can manage. Sir Aiden even stopped by to see if I had gotten permission from Lady Raven. -e-


Chance: Chance continues walking, nodding a few times..."Yes I see. It sounds like you have things coming together. : glancing ahead..."Was there a place you wanted to explore tonight or activity to exhaust our energy? -e-


Krystal Charm: *She chuckled softly* Well now that depends. What are you entailing sir Chance?-e-


Chance: I'm only probing. Asking questions and enjoying your company. Whatever I say could mean several things but what comes to your mind is what is most interesting. There is something that comes to the imagination then? -e-


Krystal Charm: *she shrugged a bit* I am not really in any type of mood per-say. Just enjoying good company, good conversation and fresh air. Though I am curious to know about any secrets that the Manor might hold in its depths.-e- (( TO BE CONTINUED ))

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