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Evalaine: ~She bid her farewell to Krys and bowed” Good night"(e)



Warwick: *Warwick stopped in his training and looked over to see Krystal and Eva. He waved to them, nodding his head to Krystal before going back to his training, trying to exhaust himself.*


Evalaine: ~She watched Krys go as she sighed and sunk down .too the floor, as she watched his fighting style. It was very different .~(e)


  Warwick: *Warwick continued to fight using the skills he had learned as an assassin. After a while longer he stopped and took off his leather shoes. His feet flexed lightly as he began to swing his double bladed staff around again, this time moving to stand on one arm and used his toes to grip the staff and twirl it around. This was a very unorthodox method of fighting he had learned on his own.*


Evalaine: ~She tilted her head ,watching him as he moved a little, about ,Watching as he stood on a hand, shaking her head thinking of this is good. I already clumsy enough as she thought to herself.~(e)


Warwick: *After a good long while of fighting an invisible foe (as he calls it), Warwick began to tire and moved from one hand to another, to one foot and so on, going for his finishing set before stopping, standing on both his feet, staff in hand. He paused and slowly looked over to see Eva watching him.*


Evalaine: "Hi,hope I am not disturbing you?Tis a different style you have there” She looked around. Noticing no one else was about now.~(e)


Warwick: *Warwick slowly nodded his head, breathing heavily as he leaned against his bladed staff.* " have to fight differently...Its a style I haven't had to use often.." *He said wiggling his toes lightly.* "Sorry about before. I noticed a few people frowned upon me when I was fighting against.." *He paused, taking a breath.* "The training golems.."


Evalaine: "Your stance is different is all, everyone has there own styles and fighting, we all contribute in someway or the other” She nodded and shrugged” If you don’t wish to feed then don’t "(e)


Warwick: *Warwick chuckled.* "I don't eat junk food...the last time I ate human was long ago...and most of the wasn't as playful as your methods.."


Evalaine: ~She smiled” Well a tasty piece of raw meat is not my style either, well I only feed when necessary and the common fear doesn’t make me want to kill, the fear is only good sometimes for the thrill of the chase, again everyone is different, but I do give respect” She looked at him now closely.” Your hunger is not sated though?"(e)


Warwick: *Warwick shook his head.* " hunger is...for something else...something that I try to deny myself...for it would lead to such brutality like it does with the other Lycan that was forcing Isabella earlier to train..."

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Evalaine: "Aw the hunger of a wild chase, a chance to hunt and kill wildly with no boundaries as to what or whom is killed maybe?” She raised her eyebrow, looking deeply into his dangerously rich and cunning eyes, as she seen the Lycan lurking beneath the boundaries of his soul, unleashing and relenting to get out and be free to roam.~(e)


Warwick: "The last time I changed was a year ago...and I..I almost murdered a mother and a child...before that...It was free thing that I hated...yet enjoyed. Was toying with my prey...pulling apart limbs while they were still alive...toying with my prey. Not like you or Krystal. But in a menacing way.....I am not happy with the lack of control I have...or the lack of compassion I share when It takes hold...I even quit my life long job of being an assassin....because I became too good at what I did.....too happy with the wasn't about the money was about enjoying the final moments of peoples lives as I devoured them.."


Evalaine: ~She listened intently as his story began to unfold of his life before he came here.” Sometimes It is not easy to turn away, a Lycan or a vampire, we all have our faults, we just must learn to control them at some point of time. Unless you wish to always be deemed as bad. Even humans at some point are like that” She got up softly and began to walk around, not straying from the general area they were in.~(e)


Warwick: *Warwick decided to slowly follow her, keeping to her left.* "I need to learn control...this I know...and try..." *He paused, thinking.* "Out of everyone in the group. You seem to be the only one willing to talk to me in such a kind manner. Without judgment."


Evalaine: She suddenly stopped and looked at him ,her obsidian eyes looking into his.” I am not the only kind one here. If it were not for others we would not be here now would we my friend? Nor all these others as well. There are other Lycans here that would give their advice more then I could to you. I cannot judge others unruly unless I be judged myself is the only way I believe” She then kept walking noticing he was walking with her with ease.~(e)


Warwick: *Warwick slowly shook his head.* "please do not misunderstand my choice of words...I meant that you are the only one so far that has talked to me kindly thus far...and I mean that in the sense of giving me more than just a couple of words here and there...I was giving you a compliment, not insulting the others.."


Evalaine: "I know your meaning, was not meant as in you disrespecting at all, Was just explaining the difference in other words. Maybe Aiden or Desmond or Kyo would be better to talk to, this might help you better".She turned her head not used to compliments in general. She then gave him a brief smile to help calm his nerves.~(e)


Warwick: "I tend not to get along very well with my kind...I view most. Mind you not all...but most as brutish and savage like...Are you so eager to be rid of me so easily?" *He asked with a kind smile, obviously joking with her.*


Evalaine: ~She smiled and tilted her head backing laughing a little. "No, you are fine. Seems most are not eager to brush off your kind as well as, two breeds apart yet sometimes sadly mistaken. Seems to be a great valley for mingling all the descents here to come.” She gestured with her hand to the world about them.~(e)


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Warwick: *Warwick slowly nodded his head.* "I suppose you are right...but then again. Some things are true...." *He said with a shrug.* "In any told me earlier that you used to be a mage of some kind...what exactly did you specialize in?" *he asked curiously.*

Evalaine: ~She paused a little in her step, then sighed and continued walking” Yes Indeed.

  My family in general were Mages of the Northren Region. One of our specialties was for spells and casts let alone of the general abilities of elements and fighting skills."(e)


Warwick: *Warwick smiled, listening about her past. It was calming to hear others recall upon their pasts.* "And what skills do you retain from that after being turned?" *He asked curiously.* "if you don't mind me asking?."


Evalaine: "After I was changed, my abilities in spell casting retained the same power as before which is great but it cut the ability of fire out. Casting more with other the other elements, making them stronger and the cast time longer. My healing is stronger in general but for a couple issues is all” She looked off in the distance, as she looked into the darkness around the castle.~(e)


Warwick: *Warwick slowly nodded his head, still smiling.* "Sadly I cannot heal. Or cast for my shadow meld...most of the time magic tears me apart.." *He said looking down slightly.* "So what is it you do around here?"


Evalaine: ~She looked to him and laughed now light heartedly” Magic is always friendly, just depends whether ya piss us off or not” She said that with a hint of menace as her eyes took on a soft glow of red, that highlighted her obsidian eyes in general. Lightning beginning to streak softly within the night sky. Shades of purple and red, dancing about the sky.” What is shadow melding? Anything like cloaking? I usually just offer help where needed if any of my skills can be utilized and explore and read. How about you so far? (e)


Warwick: *Warwick thought for a second or two before answering.* "I have only been here a few days. I don't think the services of an assassin would be needed around for shadow melding. It itself is magic...and its not cloaking persay..I become a shadow...and hide within other shadows...It is a gift I have had for as long as I can remember..."


Evalaine: "That is very interesting and I am sure it will someday” Her eyes went back to obsidian as the lightening stopped from the sky. Her mood calmed and her gaze fell lazily over the land.~(e)


Warwick: *Warwick seemed unphased by the thunder and lightning.* "My favor to you still stands though. As I have asked before...though. What exactly do we need to ask Aiden about it anyways?"


Evalaine: ~She looked to him "Favor, which is that again, you speak of? Aiden might be able to help tell you about your Lycan side and how to help use control or Kyo or Desmond"(e)


Warwick: *Warwick couldn't help but to chuckle lightly.* "You think Kyo would be able to teach control....when it seems that he can hardly control himself...I still feel as though a second mind would help in controlling me. But maybe you are right.."


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Evalaine: "He seems more rumble then bite,whats wrong afraid to ask him, if he maybe able to help you? A second mind is always good but binding your spirit, I can’t help you there I am sorry"(e)


Warwick: *Warwick nodded his head.* "I understand. And no. I am not afraid to ask...more. Of a different emotion.." *He said shaking his head lightly.* "Maybe I should just let myself go...bottling up who and what I much as I hate it...might be the only way to eventually control it.."


Evalaine: "I believe one of the men can watch over you better, or instruct you through this, you can always call on me if needed.” She looked to him then looking up to him.” Wait what about this different emotion? If you let yourself go, that would not be a good thing, we respect the villagers around here not harm them unless it is needed"(e)


Warwick: *Warwick nodded his head.* "Well...I guess you will just have to watch over me and hold me back if something happens.." *He said looking to her.* "If I wait any might be worse later" *He said slowly starting to move away from her.* "Wish me luck.." *He said before bones and muscles began to snap out of place as he changed. Within a minute he had changed from a skinny young man to an 8 foot tall black haired beast that stood on reverse jointed legs. His white furred chest gave him a somewhat distinct look, but most notably was his red eyes; As red as hellfire itself. Warwick could not contain it any longer.*



Evalaine: "Wow that is so neat” She watched him not caring that she got close to danger, she was drawn to Lycans as that was a weakness one of many that flawed her in general. She came near the beast with no fear. His red eyes haunting and full of hate. She spoke mentally with him, as thoughts went through her mind, of peace and the beauty of a connection.~(e)


Warwick: *Warwick growled as he breathed out in a steamy sigh. His eyes looked down upon her as she mentally spoke with him, sending his own thoughts of rage, anguish, and suffering right back to her.*


Evalaine: ~She braced her shoulders and stood tall as his emotions, came flooding out of her mind. She stood tall but the images were overpowering as they seemed to knock her down to the ground. She fought them as she landed on her hands and knees. Letting him vent in this way. Her mind was strong and still holding. A pale hand to her head, but she made no gasps or was not afraid. Only letting his pain be known to her.~(E)


Warwick: *Warwick watched as she writhed in pain. Usually seeing others suffer made him happy, but for some reason...seeing her in pain didn't at all. The thoughts and feelings he projected to her were withdrawn, followed by a feeling of apology towards her. She was kind to him. Perhaps the kindest anyone had ever been to him so made that much of a difference.*


Evalaine: ~She sat down on the ground shaking her head. Speaking aloud "No don’t with drawl from my mind please. I can get used to it. Let it go before it eats you alive or you hurt others. Is not your fault." She bowed her head a little, and opened her mind again to him. As she slowly got to her feet. Coming nearer to him.~(e)


Warwick: *Warwick whimpered lightly, knowing that it caused her pain...but she wanted to help. He opened his mind to her as well, letting his feelings and emotions, as well as his memories; conscious and unconscious, vent to her. She could see his training as an assassin...his first normal he seemed. Till he was attacked by a Lycan in the middle of the night and almost ripped apart. She could see the memories of his red 9 ball tattoo on his back, as well as when he received the scar that punctured a nerve cluster. She then knew his weakness...that if anyone were to strike the scar, he would become paralyzed for a short period of time. She could feel the anger and anguish of his self hatred...How people never understood him...and how he began to enjoy his job little too much.*


Evalaine: ~She stances herself against the tree, as she closed her eyes. Letting in a little at a time. Only stopping momentarily, to adjust her mind to the flow. Showing the pain and confusion of his past along with the trials and times. Then last as she seen about his tattooed of a nine ball and the scar that paralyzed his nerve. Her head hurt but she finally understood his fears. She showed him comfort and understanding but showed him not of her past. She then spoke aloud” Fear not anymore my friend, we shall find you help” She smiled and nuzzled against his side.~(e)


Evalaine: ~The night came to an end as she said her farewells to Warwick as she headed to her room to lie down for the dawn.~(e)


Warwick: *Warwick smiled, almost tripping over his own feet.* "Hehe...I hope not...I'm too young for that.." *he said leaning against a couch as he stopped close to Eva.*


Evalaine: ~She looked at him as he was tripping about.” What is wrong with you? I know it is a full moon, but Lycans get mean on a full moon"(e)


Warwick: "Really...I didn't know that...when the full moon gets to me. It feels as though Im drunk and happy!" *he said tiredly with a big smile on his face.* "I end up losing all the seriousness about me...I guess it affects me differently.."


Evalaine: "That is different” She stifles a grin going to library and sitting down on couch in front of fireplace.~(e)


Warwick: *Warwick almost whimpered, slowly following along with her and plopped down on the couch beside her.* "What are you reading?"


Evalaine: "I am not silly, just wanted to sit down where it is warm, sorta chilly tonight” she said softly..


Warwick: *Warwick blinked, looking over to Eva and smiled.* "Eva...would you. Like me to help keep you warm?" *He asked moving closer to her slowly.*



Evalaine: ~She looked at him blushing a little when he kept coming closer to her.(e)



Warwick: *Warwick stopped, cocking his head lightly as she blushed. He smiled lightly , stopping his movements, waiting on her to say something.*




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Evalaine: ~She looked at him softly” So you are ok with being a Lycan now?(e)


Warwick: *Warwick nodded his head.* "Better than I have been. I suppose. Its a gradual offer still stands though...about keeping you warm.." *He said offering his hand to her.*


Evalaine: ~She smiled at him and softly looks down as she puts her hand lightly in his. Liking his charm and boldness.~(e)


Warwick: *Warwick smiled and moved to sit right beside her, taking his hand and lifted it to his lips. He softly kissed her hand before letting go. Gently wrapping an arm around her (shirtless mind you) Warwick smiled lightly as he looked down to the fireplace.* "Eva....remember when you read my mind. And saw things?" *he asked curiously.*


Evalaine: ~She looked at him and noticed he did not have his shirt on and blushed again. She felt his kiss on her hand and blushed again. She leaned into him, he felt warm and strong and manly, beside her. She looked at him.” Yes I do."(e)


Warwick: "There was one my life that you didn't see.....something that was the turning point in my madness..." *He said slowly pulling out a golden ring with a tiny red rose diamond etched into it.* "I could tell you...but. In this state. It would be a gargle of words..." *He said simply, looking down to the ring.*



Evalaine: ~She looked down at the ring ."Omega that is so beautiful” Just then a shiver ran down her body as she felt something all too familiar, like a longing of ones own. Something that made a single tear run down her cheek, as her pale fingers touched the ring and in the process, she accidentally caressed his fingers as well. Not realizing the touch would send a bolt ,down her body as she snatched her hand back and looked the other way.~(e)


Warwick: *Warwick looked to her, a bit worried, but still smiling.* "you ok there...didn't mean to shock you...probably me being all hairy sometimes...all that static shock.." *he said with a light grin.*


Evalaine: ~She looked slowly at him and gave him a soft smile” Just a hairball huh?"~(e)



Warwick: *He smiled back.* "Yup big hairball. So...the memory?" *He asked, wondering how she was going to dive into his mind.*


Evalaine: "What do you wish. It is your thoughts and they are your own" She looked away from him, looking into the fire.~(e)


Warwick: *Warwick nodded his head and closed his eyes, trying to send his memories through his mind into hers.* "I hope this works." *He said before Eva's mind was thrown into Warwick's mind. She stood at a log cabin near the woods in the middle of the night, during the new moon.* ~Welcome to my old home...~ *A voice echoed about her. ~Inside the cabin, you will see...What happened.~


Evalaine: ~Within her mind she walked into the cabin slowly, her heart giving a skip .~(e)


Warwick: *As she opened the door she could see a younger version of Warwick...who still looked the same he did now. Though a lot gloomier. And flustered. A woman stood before him, looking very similarly like Isabella, only with different features, and purple hair.* "Warwick! Why did you do it? Why did you kill him?" *Warwick shook his head, pacing around.* "Because it felt good...he deserved what was coming....He shouldn't have struck at you like that!" *The woman shook her head before moving to Warwick and slapped him in the face.* "He was my friend!" *Warwick growled, and quickly transformed into his monstrous form. He grabbed the woman by the neck, only to have Eva's vision fade to red.* ~You could imagine the rest...~



Evalaine: ~She seen it all inside her mind, she knew what was beyond that red haze. She gagged a little and coughed as she physically felt the hands around her neck. She fought the vision as she jumped up and ran outside, the rain beating down on her hard, as she let the rain cleanse her, She fell to her knees as her mind felt a rage and the pain seemed to pace more within her head. As she fell to the ground, She closed her mind to the red haze as it seemed the pictures started to form again in her mind.~(e)


Warwick: *Warwick quickly rushed outside with her, sorry for showing it to her. He stayed by her side, his smile gone, and tears running down his face.* "Im sorry....but you needed to see the truth..." *He said honestly to her.* "I didn't want to hold anything back...with you..."


Evalaine: "What was her name Amelia?"


Warwick: *Warwick in the world did you know?" *He asked, feeling a heavy tension of fear well up inside of him.* "How did you know her name?"


Evalaine: ~She looked away from him, and put her hand on her head again, as she sat on the ground the rain seemed to strengthen and the thunder struck all around in hues of purple and green. "She was your wife? This man whom was he?" She thought worse but asked first.(e)


Warwick: *Warwick was doing his best not to sob.* "She was...the man I killed before...her friend..." *He said feeling the heat of the lightning.* "You knew them?"


Evalaine: "Why did the man strike her?” Her voice was shaking now. As she tried to keep the power of her emotions at bay.~(e)


Warwick: "He realized what had happened to me.Then tried to beat some sense into her...and then. Tried to kill me..." *He whimpered, feeling horrible.* "How did you know them?"


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Evalaine: ~She got up staggering away from him, trying to kill the pain that coursed through her mind,” Tried to get her to leave you, because he knew this change was bad and would over power even a dangerous and skilled assassin such as yourself, right?" Her voice turned venomous, looking him straight in the eyes.” This happened about 40 yrs ago right?"(e)


Warwick: *Warwick looked down.* "I don't remember how long ago this was.....and...he. Well...he used magic...a lot of it..." *He said closing his eyes.* "He must have been a mage.." *He said wincing.* "He gave me no choice..."



Evalaine: ~She turned from him as she called upon the elements of the night. Pictures began to form among the thunder, her hands roze as her voice roze as she called to this man ."Was his name not Callen?" She turned and look directly at him, the image in the shy was of a man moving about with dark black hair and a face not unlike her own. She showed him living now in a sanctuary as he looked to Evalaine and then to Warwick with vengeance in his eyes.” Stay away from my sister, I will hunt you down now!” His voice had the same soft gentle tone used when she was calm. He wore now the same dark green cloak as Evalaine with Elder Runes around the hem of the cloak. Her gaze steady and strong.~(e)


Warwick: *Warwick whimpered.* "I had no choice!!! I loved Amelia...I loved her! And he was going to kill me!! Was I to just let him rip me to ribbons!? It wasn't my fault..." *He said falling over, gripping the wedding ring as hard as he could.* "What would you have done Eva...would you have let someone claim the one you loved. And let that man kill you!!"



Evalaine: "He was not trying to kill her, he was helping her, trying to give you a formula but he needed to anger you first. He projected as being dead and injected you, but was too late to save Amelia.” Her voice stopped and stalled, her hands going around her stomach. Her head down.” He was trying to help you,dont you see, that is why we are so drawn to one another. Amelia was with child Warwick. Callen could not get to you in time to contain you.” She walked away from him. Staring out into the dark woods all around them now. The world was spinning now.~(e)


Warwick: *Warwick could barely hold back his tears of sadness. He had to follow her.* "Eva..Eva.....I didn't could I have known...It was the new moon...It was the new drove me mad...please...don't run from me!!!" *He cried out, falling to his knees.*


Evalaine: ~She softly looked at him, Her brothers thoughts entered her mind. "Don’t Evalaine he will hurt you too. Trust me his Lycan side can't be controlled. Please walk away and come home now." She looked to Warwick and then back seeing Callen in her mind. She was torn and angry, knowing the beast had gotten the over all kill, just as the vampire whom turned her, tried to take over her existence. She never told Callen what happened but he knew, what a vile creature she was. She would never fit in where he was now. Everything in her called for her to stay and help him. She turned from him now. Her mind blazing with newfound pain and a sense of lost. Amelia was her friend and was with her when she was attacked. She was not there when she died but she felt her fade away. The pain getting unbearable. As she

suddenly screamed as the vampire tried to claim blood lust over her. She kept it at bay but ran away from him. Away from the pain at the man that killed her friend and the child that was in her. Amelia’s spirit called to her. Begging her to help him as she knew she was destined to. She ran and ran and finally stopped near the wolves territory, as she felt them softly watching her.~(e)


Warwick: *Warwick watched as she left him, shivering, tears still streaming from his eyes.* "I...Im sorry.." *He said slowly getting up, slowly moving away.* "I...I don't deserve to live...I know all accounts I should be dead. I don't even deserve a simple death..." *He said beginning to walk back to the manor.* "I should leave...I don't belong here...the ghosts of my past have come to ruin my life. And with it. The lives of those around me...I..I am destined for a life alone.."


Evalaine: ~She heard Warwick’s pain and torment from the past within her mind. She closed her mind off to him, fully intending to go away from here now. The wolves watched her with curiosity and intrigue as she went to the ground, at the edge of the woods. Lying on the soft grass and she cried like she had not done since she felt Amelia and her Childs life slip away from them. She cried for all the children that were hurt and lost and without parents, The wolves felt her pain and howled for her and Warwick’s pain. She felt them come near and lay around her, making a barrier of protection around her. Feeling her complete vulnerability now. She had dreamed of this day of confronting Amelia’s killer, once and for all.~(e)



Warwick: *Warwick had to come back. He had to at least say sorry to Eva. He went back to the forest and continued along the trail. He found Eva and the wolves and stopped, about twenty feet away.* "Eva..." *He said, closing his eyes.* "I....I have something to say to you.."


Evalaine: ~The wolves instantly got up and growled as they started showing their teeth at Warwick, ready to fight till the death of their new found friend. She felt their loyalty as she felt Warwick’s interest as well. She calmed the wolves down as she laid on the grass with her back to him. The wolves calmed down but stayed on watch. She felt Warwick’s words but could not speak aloud. So she chose the next best thing .speaking with a soft voice, as she tried to calm her emotions.” What is this you wish to say?” She said simply.~(e)


Warwick: *Warwick took a sigh, trying to calm himself down, keeping his eyes closed.* " words. Can express how sorry I feel...not only to have lost my wife. By my own hands...but my own own daughter...It is a feeling of self loathing and sorrow...that only adds to the fact. That it was me...whatever I could say to try and say it wasn't my fault...can never ease the burden of pain that I carry with me...and shall forever carry...for as long as I live. And beyond....She...brought the best of me. And loved matter what...Bella. Found this ring. And gave it to me...she. She knew her as well. Though...I don't know how.....but she managed to find the ring....and. The one thing that she said...that made me cry...was that despite it all....she forgave me in the afterlife. And watches over me....Now...I am asking you...a friend. Of someone who I cared for. With all my heart...can you find it in ever. Forgive me, for the wrongs. That I have committed?" *He said holding out the ring, tears streaming down his face.*>E


Evalaine: ~She listened with an open mind, really hearing his words, as she tried not to judge him.” It is not for me to forgive, the only thing you can do is to control your beast as the others have here in the Manor. I know Amelia would want me not to hate you, so from her wishes I will not. She was a great friend and I felt her and her unborn child die Warwick, that is not a feeling you want to feel.” She did not look at him or move on the grass.~(e)


Warwick: *Warwick slowly nodded his head, moving to his knees, staying where he was.* "No...I cannot imagine how it feels...but I know how it feels. To wake up the very next day...knowing that all I could stand in the shadow. As I watched myself...murder the only woman who ever loved. Me..." *He said plopping his head down onto the ground.* "Knowing. That I killed her. And could do nothing to hold back the if something was using my own body as a play thing...a mere puppet. And all I could do was my strings were pulled...I didn't want her to die. I tried...I fight...tried to stop..." *He said before breaking down, sobbing fully, and dropped his ring in front of him.*




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Evalaine: ~She felt that pain and it crumbled her heart knowing what she must do. She slowly sat up not looking her way but with a sigh. She spoke aloud.” It is not to be meant to forget but go on with it, Amelia would want you to learn to control the beast and seek others that can help you. If you don’t you will kill others and I don't think you want that to happen."(e)


Warwick: *Warwick nodded his head slowly, beginning to regain himself after sobbing for a while.* " You. Are right.. Amelia. Would want me to learn control...I. don’t want to kill innocent people. And I don't want to leave this place...and. I don't want you to hate me Eva....Will you please help me?"



Evalaine: "I don't hate you entirely, because I won't judge you, less I be judged myself. I will help when I am able, but you must promise to talk to others that are Lycan for they would understand this more."(e)


Warwick: *Warwick slowly nodded his head.* "You have my word...I will talk to one of the other Lycans about this...thank you. Eva.." *He said slowly standing up after picking up the ring. He slowly walked over to her, and handed it over to her.* "I will never forget her...this will help you. More than me.." *He said before walking away, pausing to look back to her.* "I wanted to show you this....because...I feel something for you..."



Evalaine: ~She felt him come over and felt the wolves rise up and the hair on their backs stand up, this time she did not call them down.” I will be with you if you need support in talking with them.” She then looked up as a single tear roll down her cheek. As she looked at the ring.” No you keep it, Bella had good reason to give it to you. She seems to know Amelia as well. Her take this chain and put the ring on it and keep it close to your heart to remember her."(e)


Warwick: *Warwick looked to the wolves but ignored them. He slowly took the chain and put the ring on it before putting it on.* "I do feel something for you Eva...its why I wanted to show you it. Because I don't want to hide anything from you...nothing..."


Evalaine: ~She then looks away from him.” I can help you but there will never be anything between us ever. When you need me call me but I am not the woman for you ever.” Her voice trailed off.(e)


Warwick: *Warwick nodded his head.* "I understand..." *He said before starting to walk back to the manor. He wasn't one to play games, or to beat around the bush. He was blunt at times. And wasn't afraid to express his emotions. But for once...the feeling of rejection stung...*



Evalaine: ~She stood up as she watched him walk away"ty" she said softly. She had felt drawn to help him but she felt something more, she was not sure of. She shook it off knowing he was hurt too. As Amelia called to her, to soothe his heart. She spoke softly in his mind.” Time will help you heal, just trust in your heart and seek those that will help you get better.” She began to pet the wolves as they walked with her at a leisure pace, towards the road to the Manor.~(e)

The End,,,,

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