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Krystal Charm
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Warwick: *It was another gorgeous evening, and the full moon was now waning, meaning that Warwick was out of his loopy mood. He had indeed talked to Aiden early during the day...only to receive the advice that he had feared. He was outside in the training ground, trying to meditate....trying to balance himself…and the beast within...attempting to find common order to embrace who and what he was.*-e-


Aiden: ~The talk earlier had brought some insight into those who have come to embrace the manor and the village. It was true that others come from all walks of life and that even though they felt alone and come alone at times... they were all beginning to grow as a family. Perhaps a family is what they were becoming.. Although here are different forms of life, a true family they could not be.~ -d-


Evalaine: ~She woke this night with her mind in a rumble, as it felt like thunderstorms were constantly shaking through the realm of her mind. She laid in bed in her room and thought a while. Wondering if he ever had talked to anyone. She felt lazy tonight as she stayed where she was for the time being.~(e)


KrystalCharm: *Waking she stretched and yawned. She had fixed her blades and tonight she had a new agenda. After having a short chat with Lady Raven she had gotten the approval to build a small cabin so that she would not feel like she was continuously putting those that resided in the Manor in danger. The longer she stayed close the more danger that could befall them all. That was something she did not want to happen.* -e-


Warwick: *Warwick sighed, finding this balance mumbo jumbo to be a waste of time. He had tried this method before...only to collapse into failure...what would make this time any more different...any more special than the last time he tried. Just then an idea snapped into his head and he reached out with his mind to try and make a connection to Eva.* ~Morning sleepy head...mind helping me...I talked to Aiden…~?>E


Aiden: ~Sitting in the tavern having myself a few drinks of the house mead as I think about the day's events. He had undergone not just one but two journey's as of late. But he had once again returned home to the manor. But it was the worry of his dearly beloved that always worried him. Her safety being the main reason for his worry. For now she was asleep and he was not... he was at the tavern drinking his thoughts to oblivion.~ -d-


Evalaine: ~Evalaine heard silence broken within her mind as she heard Warwick’s message. She sighed and was distant this night but she answered him. She could never ignore him and never would. Sighing as she answered him within her mind. "Good Evening Warwick, helping with what and talked to Aiden...already?" She was curious now as to how the chat went with them. He seemed to waste no time in going for help. Would not be long before he would not need her anymore, she thought peacefully.~ -e-


KrystalCharm: *Once dressed and her hair at least pulled out of her face she walked to the Main hall to see who was up. She wanted to see if she could find some help in gathering supplies for her project.* -e-


Warwick: *Warwick slowly stood up, waiting in the training ground.* ~Yes I talked to Aiden...she told me something I feared he would say. I need help in finding my balance. And coming to grounds with my inner self...~ *He spoke to her before sighing.* ~I’m in the training grounds....if you want to help me.~>E


xxDesmondxx: *He was sitting on the edge of his bed with a mid sized canvas in hand. The easel on which it resting a few moments ago stood before him was empty now. The paint palette rest on his left along with stained brush which he had set down upon picking up the portrait. It was a depiction of the manor from a little ways down the pathway leading up. In odd contrast, he had chosen to try to examine it from a daylight perspective. Something which he hadn't the pleasure of seeing in centuries. Painting was a good way to occupy his hands while he thought. The truth is ever since coming here, he felt as if he'd lost his sense of purpose. Not that he had one before; unless you counted traveling and making money. Still, even that had stopped. He simply...felt idle. He could do anything at leisure he wished. Leaving the question of what exactly he should do...a mystery.* (c)


xxDesmondxx: *So he took pleasure in the things he always did., women, and the finer arts. Mostly the later of those and a great deal more wine than was probably warranted. He didn’t think it was unhappy, So why did he feel so restless? He set the portrait back up on the easel and left it for the moment. He'd come back to it at a later date. So now...all that was left was to venture forth and see what the others were up to. It beats sitting around along in this semi inert, depressing state of mind. He straightened and soothed his outfit a bit. Wallowing around on his bed had left it wrinkled and some nagging corner of his vanity wouldn't let him go forth in this state.*(e)


Evalaine: ~She heard him say the evitable and knew it would be a long adventure. She slowly rose from the bed dressing in a simple long black dress and her black boots and combed her long dark hair as the red streaks seem to have a glow about them, heightening her appearance more. She slowly walked out her balcony window and jumped down as she slowly made her way to the training grounds. Staying in the shadows as she replied mentally to Warwick. "And how exactly did he say you should fine your balance in order to control your Lycan?" She perked her eyebrow as she quietly watched Warwick.~(e)


Aiden: ~Another of the servers come around and offer another mead but he declines. Taking a few coins from his small bag on his hip he sets them on the counter and picks up his cloak and makes his way outside into the village. It was quiet now and he needed the rest he got from the drinks. It was time to feed. But for now that would be something to do at another time. He can suffice with normal food for now. As he walks down the street he takes a left up the alley that lead to the manor. The night was perfect for a walk and he had to the time. No need to rush. After all the night was practically clear.~ -d-


xxDesmondxx: *He swayed a bit. Wincing at the minor headache that ensued. Usually, alcohol had little effect on him. It takes a good deal of drink to have even the slightest effect on the undead. It was quiet an accomplishment indeed to drink enough to give one a headache in any capacity. Even more so to cause movement troubles. He sighed* " Were i a mortal, this habit would get me in quiet a bit of trouble." * He placed his hand on the doorknob. Turning it slowly. He half shuffled out into the hall. Seeing no one in the immediate area. He decided to venture towards the main hall. Perhaps someone would show up and alleviating some of the nagging sense of ineptitude that plagued him lately. He belatedly thought of bringing a book, but didn't turn himself around to go fetch one* " Stop cloistering yourself in your room and be social des." *He chided himself*(e)


Warwick: *Warwick sighed some, hearing Eva in the shadows. He spoke aloud, showing that he knew she was there.* "Not the sneakiest are you...and...he didn't specify really...though he did say that the more I pushed it away, the more I would lose…I can only guess I embrace it...but the last time I tried....nothing really happened...I failed…and thought it was a load of crock.." *He said with a shrug.* "I guess...meditation isn't the way for me...maybe If I show myself that I am willing to let go...yet show myself that I am still in control...then I will achieve what I was thinking either...a game...or a match...between you and me.." *He said stretching lightly.*>E


KrystalCharm: *Seeing Desmond enter the Main hall she lifted a brow. She had only seen him in passing since she had arrived. He looked down.* Good Evening Sir. What bothers you this clear bright night? -e-


xxDesmondxx: *He turned at being addressed. There indeed seemed to be someone else here. He frowned for a moment. Unable to place her name. Then, it hit him. Krystal...her name was.* " Good evening krys." *Murmurs. Straightening up. Offering a small smile* "I suppose nothing is really bothering me...per say." *Thoughtful* " I just don't know what to do with myself lately that’s all." *He sighed softly. Expelling troubling thoughts with but a single breath. He would at least attempt polite conversation if nothing else* "How are you this evening?" -e-


Kaylin: *Sitting outside on a bench staring up at the sky as she had chosen to stay at the Manor. Her legs were swinging under the bench, smiling as the sky was cloudy but the clouds were light enough the moonlight highlights the edges.* -e-


KrystalCharm: *At his mention of not having an activity she smiled brightly* Oh I am wonderful. Maybe I could help you with your boredom Sir Desmond. I was wondering if any one wanted to help me gather I have a project that I am working on and would like to get it mostly done before any storms decide to pass this way. would you be willing to lend me some help? -e-


Evalaine: ~She smirked and looked to him, still staying in the shadows. "Maybe not to someone like you ." She said softly laughing and looking unto him. Her eyes as black as the night. She nodded slightly as she spoke aloud. "As you wish." She stepped from the shadows now, ready for either.~(e)


Warwick: *Warwick chuckled lightly and looked over to Kaylin.* "Hey you...Kaylin right...come over and help...Its going to take both of you for this." *He said waving her over.*-e-


Aiden: ~I have got to remember not to drink and then walk back. Next time bring a horse... thinking to himself as he walks back to the manor. The front doors are about 20 yards away before he walks over to the grassy knoll and just flops down laying there. Te mead from the night has caught up to him. And now it was time to let his body do the work on making him sober again but for the time being he was too intoxicated to be much of any good at the moment.~ -d-


xxDesmondxx: *He smiled. Working on a project seemed a lot better than brooding. Though he didn't know how much help he'd actually be. He nodded in ascent.* "Sure, I'd be happy to help out in any way I can. So, tell me a little bit about this project?" *He moved over to where she stood. So she need not shout her plans from across the room* (e)


KrystalCharm: *Chuckling she smiled* Come I will talk as we walk.*Heading towards the door she watched him a bit out of the corner of her eye.* I have been given permission to build a small cabin on the Manor's Lands. I need to gather supplies and begin building...though I have not decided what I wish it to look like. But I still want to gather what I need to build it. May I ask...what keeps your interest most? -e-


Warwick: *Warwick sighed, seeing Kaylin leave then looked back to Eva.* "ok...hand to hand...the basis of all combat...ladies first.." *He said walking towards her.* >E


xxDesmondxx: *He walked beside her. His gait straightening as he put his thoughts to the immediate task. Listening to her as she stated that she was going to build herself a cabin on the outskirts of the manor. It made him chuckle a bit. He wondered how raven took that conversation. He supposed not everyone would feel comfortable in place such as this.* " Ah, well...the things that I enjoy i have in spades here. There a fine library with a wealth of books. A music room that I'm renovating and adding things to when i find them. A wine cellar that i should frequent less." *Pauses, wry self deprecating smile.* "I've even taken up painting again. But…it all feels so meaning less sometimes. I spend my days in comfort and i have a nagging sense that there should be more." *He looked at her* "It makes no sense sometimes. Mmm...why do you wish to build a cabin anyways?" *Smiles* "Life in the manor not to your liking?" (e)


Kaylin: Looks over to Warwick confused "It's gonna take two of us to do what?" Standing up and slowly walking over to him, looking around for any type of pranks. -e-


Warwick: *Warwick looked to Kaylin and smiled.* "Sparring match. I need to learn control over myself. And Eva can't do it alone. Cause I won't be holding back. I need you to assist her. Help her. Be her partner as you two try to knock me cold.."


Evalaine: ~She watched as he spoke to Kaylin. As she approached she nodded to Kaylin and sat down as to watch them. This might be her chance to break away from time .She then seen Kaylin disappear. She sighed and walked to him. She focused on him intently ."One thing if we are to fight ,bring it, and don’t hold back." Her words were fierce and strong as she took a step back as her fighting style began to glow in readiness.~(e)


KrystalCharm: *Once out side she took a deep breath of the cool crisp air.* is not that I do not like living in the Manor. It is simply a question of protecting those...even the ones I do not particularly get alone with. My staying close is not safe for them. There for I will stay on the grounds but I will not stay as close as I am now. It would be a shame if all my new friends were suddenly wiped out all because my troubles decided to follow me here. Sir Aiden and Lady Eva have already been put in danger because of me and I will not allow any one else to become a target. *She looked away from him a bit as she frowned thinking back on the fight that the two had been dragged into when the Hunters had shown up.* -e-


Warwick: *Warwick smiled and began to concentrate. He wasn't going to hold anything back. He groaned and growled as he transformed into his other form. He growled and snarled as he crouched slightly before launching himself at her as fast as he could, grabbing the ground, and swung himself around, trying to kick her with his clawed feet. He was going to do his best not to hold back on her.*


Aiden: ~He had laid there for about a couple of hours before getting up and brushing off the grass from both his clothes and his cloak. Taking a couple of deep breathes of air then opening his eyes to see. The alcohol had finally subsided and he mind was clear. he walked up towards the front doors seeing Krystal and Desmond.~ "Evening Desmond and Krystal. How are you both this fine eve?"~ offering a slight nod to each of them~ -d-

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Krystal Charm
Posts: 16

Evalaine: ~She quickly seen the attack and dodged him with ease. His size gave him both an advantage and disadvantage. She then actually decided to brush his legs out from under him as she dodged his attack and stepped back laughing. "Now what??"~(e)


xxDesmondxx: *Eyes flicker, studying her troubled expression. He turned his gaze skyward for a moment as the crisp night air rushed over him. Inhales softly.* " I see." *It seems she was dealing with her own battles. He was sometimes selfishness self absorbed sometimes. He looked up to see Aiden approaching. He smiled and nodded politely in his direction* " I'm doing quiet well. Yourself?" *He tucked his hands into his pockets. Now that he thought of it. He wondered exactly how much help he'd be in this task. She probably had a list though. He'd probably simply need to carry things.* "So what do you need to get started on your new abode?" *He directed the question at krystal* (e)


Warwick: *Warwick had quickly transferred from using his feet to standing on a hand as he continued his attack, trying to keep her off balance, and to control her central line. All while this was going on, he was doing his best to embrace what he was and to maintain control over himself.*


KrystalCharm: *Hearing Aiden she chuckled* Speak of the Devil and here he comes. Good evening Sir Aiden. I am well this eve how are you?...well I hope. *Hearing Desmond’s question she smiled* First we are going logging. I need lumber. I prefer large sturdy Cedars if we can find them. If not then what ever we can find that will suffice for what I am thinking. I will also need several heavy but flat stones for the base of the cabin. -e-


Evalaine: ~She laughed and softly changed positions not letting her balance be thrown off. She was light on her feet as she closed her eyes and thrust her hand forward, connecting with his jaw. Then quickly changed positions, weaving around him easily.~(e)


Warwick: *Warwick could feel her palm against his jaw, but quickly whirled around to avoid the blunt of the damage. He smiled lightly, thinking this of a game as he transferred from his hands to his feet and back again in his attacks, twirling around his body to keep up an unorthodox hand to hand fighting style, all while trying to maintain his mental balance.*


Aiden: ~a slight chuckles escapes my lip as I hear of the escapade about to be undergone.~ "I am well thank you just had a rather lovely night down in the tavern with a short nap in the grass of the manor."~ Looking towards Krystal.~ "It would seem that you have gained the approval from Raven on your endeavor."~ -d-


xxDesmondxx: "Lumber and heavy stones." *He murmured. He maintained a professional smile on his features. So he was to be utilized for his strength? Well, it wasn’t an entirely unpleasant idea. Being a vampire lent him a great deal of it more than others. Though it wasn't his preferred way of handling things. He thought a moment. Well, she never said he couldn't use his abilities to take away some of the burden. Hidden hand is useful when applied to these sorts of tasks*(e)


Evalaine: ~She then took off ,deciding to test his stamina and endurance. She weaved through the woods with ease as she suddenly without warning stopped and threw a hit to his midsection.~(e)


Krys: *She nodded* I did indeed Sir Aiden. Lady Raven was most gracious in giving me permission.*looking to Desmond* Yes for starters. but Once those are gathered If you like I would not be opposed to help in building as well. The work will go much faster with more than just me. How ever if you truly do not wish to help I will understand and can do it myself if need be. -e-


Warwick: *Warwick quickly backed up from her blow, minimizing the force of impact to a near nothing before seeing her rush off. He smiled a toothy grin before roaring and rushed off to chase after her, moving as fast as he could tracked and moved as fast as she could and then some in his animalistic form.*


xxDesmondxx: *Waves his hands hastily* "No, no. I gave my word that I'd assist. I'll just be utilizing a bit of creative ingenuity on my part to help build." *Smiles politely. Never let it be said that he went back on his word at least. A little physical activity wouldn't kill him anyways. While his years working as tavern keep were long gone since childhood. His exercise forms still afford him the ability to keep himself in decent shape. His minor headache being the only foreseeable hindrance* (e)


Aiden: ~A smiles crosses my lips as I speak once more before heading inside.~ "I am glad that you have her blessings, and Desmond is one of the best artists I have ever seen." ~ Offers a nod to Desmond.~ " But as I have mentioned earlier, it has been a bit of a long night at the tavern and I must rest for a bit. If you need me I will be in my chambers."~ -d-


KrystalCharm: *Bowing as Aiden made his exit to go inside she looked to Desmond* I am most grateful to you Sir Desmond. And as long as it stays standing I have no issues on how the work gets done.*she smiled happily as she moved off into the tree's to look for the ones she wanted to start building.* -e-


Evalaine: ~She watched him as he came closer and closer, needing to piss him off, to test the Lycan within him. She then put a holding spell on that held him in the air and caught him off guard. Beasts hated it when they weren't in control and she was hell bent on testing this theory now.~(e)


xxDesmondxx: *Nods to Aiden as he passes by* "Have a pleasant night Aiden." *He smiles. Then starts a bit as he noticed that his companion have moved off into the woods. Trots after her hastily so he doesn't lose sight of her. Well and good. He thought. It would be a lot faster cutting down trees. Some folks had odd principals about certain things and was glad she had a more practical mindset. He scanned the trees for a minute. Perhaps he should tag along until she spotted a cedar tree. He wasn't very familiar with what he was looking for. However; large support stones. That was a different story. He looked along the path until he spotted one. He held his hand up and "grasped" it with his mind. Lifting it up slowly out of the dirt* (e)


Warwick: *Warwick could feel a holding spell, keeping him suspended in the air. He roared in protest and began struggling, fighting the spell as hard as he could. He could feel the anger welling up inside of him. He began to lose control as he was held up in the air.* ~no no no!! I will not lose control!!! I will not escape if I have to trust me!!~ *He forced into his mind as the Lycan in him continued to struggle.*


Evalaine: ~She felt the struggle within and at this point she growled fiercely and threw him against the ground ,as she then took off again. Waiting for the full chase now to begin.~(e)


Warwick: *Warwick hit the ground, growling as he was released. he gave chase again, rushing after Eva, beginning to gain more and more ground on her.*


KrystalCharm: *Finding several good sturdy Cedars she nodded as she scoped them out. Finally after placing an X where she needed it she Quickly spun and planted her foot directly on the marks. The bases cracking loudly as the tree's began to topple and crash to the ground. Smiling a bit she did this twice more before she moved to the tops of two of the tree's. She had an Ideal place in mind to build and smiled as the image began to grow in her minds eye.* -e-


Evalaine: ~She suddenly went under cloak as she seemed to disappear from the entire world. She stood still beside a tree, waiting to see what he would do. She knew he was riled and that is what he needed was to test his anger within the beast for blood as well.~(e)


Warwick: *Warwick growled lightly, seeing her vanish. He needed to calm himself down...discipline was the key. He sighed lightly as he regained his consciousness.* rage.~ *He thought to himself as he sniffed the air, realizing that Eva was by a nearby tree. He rushed to her in an attempt to grab her.*>E


xxDesmondxx: *She seemed to be concentrating on the woodwork. So he simply gathered foundation stones. After arriving at her intended destination site. He slowly gathered the stones from the surround area. Arranging them in a stack beside the woods. The soft plops they made as they sunk back down onto the earth were muted, yet audible. It was certainly a lot quieter than all the toppling trees anyways, He smiled. In the span of but a few moments, there was a clearing around the area a good 15 feet in all directions. He looked to her for further instruction.* "'re the boss. What do you need me to do?" *Smiles softly. Having no construction experience whatsoever, he differed to her* (e)


KrystalCharm: *Once she had tossed the last tree into the pile she had created in the clearing she made she smiled* Well I need to Measure each tree and mark them. I need to get at least three good building logs out of each tree. Then once that is done splitting the sections in half. then the harder work begins. If you wish you do not need to help with that for it will take the most time.*she smiled at him a bit as she spoke.* -e-


Warwick: *Warwick grabbed at nothing, feeling that it was the wrong tree. He smiled, feeling as though this was a very tricky game. He couldn't rely on his sense of smell...he had to rely on something else. He closed his eyes and listened to other things...her breathing…what heartbeat she had...anything to give off her position.*


Evalaine: ~She smiled a little ,making no sound what so ever. She felt him around, as she slowly cleared her mind and eyes.~(e)


Warwick: *Warwick continued his search, relying on all of his senses, beginning to draw closer and closer to Eva.* ~come out come out where ever you are..~ *He thought playfully.* >E


Johnathan-blake: Johnathan woke stretching slightly before slowly walking downstairs looking around the grand hall for a moment before sitting down and relaxing at the moment having a few plans for tonight but not quite knowing where to start placing his violin on his lap while he worked over the details in his mind* -e-


Evalaine: ~She laughed mentally knowing that would not help him find her. She grinned a little waiting for his next move in general.~(e)


Johnathan-blake: Johnathan groaned slightly slowly standing before looking about the grand hall [Eva do you happen to know where the armory in this manor is i need to borrow an ax] -e-


Warwick: *Warwick growled, beginning to call upon other senses. He could feel her magic and began to zoom in on her, before attempting to tackle her real position.* -e-


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