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Name: Kaylin


Race/Speices: weather witch


Appearance: long black wavy hair, emerald green eyes, slender


Family: adopted by Marcia and Alec Evans



Whether Kaylikn was born or just appeared is unknown. A couple found her while they were out doing field work. They took her home and checked her over, wrapping her in a warm blanket and settling her down. Marcia and Alec name her Kaylin and take her in as their own child. They would spoil her as their only child. She learnt quickly how to walk, talk and do other skills children learn.


She grew up happy as part of the village the Evans's were part of. She attended school with the other children, and had good friends. She would partake in all things children do, play in the dirt, celebrate birthdays of friends, have pets, and played with her hair.


As she got older into her teen years she became attractive to boys her age. She was flirted with and sent flowers and gifts. But she didn't really have a boyfriend as such, just male friends. She spent time alone occassionally especially when she discovered she could do special things. When she was sad it rained and it sunny when she was happy, butterflies and birds were attracted to her. She could also slow down an object that much she could pull it apart and rebuild it.


The village soon found out she had these abilities and disowned her, they cast her out. Her parents could either leave with her or stay and sent her away. She was sent away on her own with not many belongings. She could only wonder about and help people without them knowing. She would help farmers grow their crops by making it rain, she would help fix things from a distance.


Now Kaylin just wonders and hopes to find someone or people to want her around, to care for her and she can care for them. She just wants a family again ..........

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