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Amiathia Nightshadow

Character Age:

153 years

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Character Background:

Amiathia, or Amia for short, doesn't quite remember much about her life. It is not saying that she is extremely old she just chooses not to think about it.

When she was born Amia's family was more than well off they simply ruled over the small village she lived in. But unlike most family Amia didn't let that get to her head instead she despised what her family did, using the people fear and hunger against them. So once she became of age she left the village she had grown up in.

Her life as a vampire is a bloody and angry one. She skillfully worked her way up the ladder in a small army and became a well know and high up officer in the army. she became an archer, she had been taught and worked hard to become the best she could be, by using this skill of hers she became a deadly assassin in the army, killing more people than her generals under her.

Once during the heat of a battle Amia ran out of arrows causing her to turn to the next weapon on her a long sword going into the heart of the battle she begun to fight along side her soldiers. As she battled she came to realize why she knew the fighting style of her enemy so well. Because up until several years ago the people she now slit open without a second thought has trained and learned along side her. This realization caused her to stop her swinging and in that one moment of thought one of the enemy, a friend of hers, brought their sword down slicing her face slightly. Leaving the scar she now bears.

After this battle Amia gave up her great and mighty position and became a traveler. With the fighting and death she had caused she was not one of the most well loved person in that area. So once more she took up what little she had and started out. This is when she came across one family that didn't despise her and the Manor they had.

Now that she has found this place she seems she can finally forget about her past and look forward to what is about to come.

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