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Isabella Crain
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Isabella Crain

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.Isbella crain, a human princess from a distant kingdom, once fell deeply in love with a vampire of unknown origins. He appeared to be a clanless nomad wandering between towns at will. The vampire, who in turn returned isbella's feelings, fought valiantly against its bloodthirsty nature in order for her to remain pure and unturned. But sadly, he disappeared under mysterious circumstance. Never to be heard from again. This lent her both experience with vampire kind and air of mystery that follows her to this day. but in her mind of the day he left, she love the poem i that she wrote in her head as she speaks of him "

Your golden eyes how they glimmer,

they hold a look of pure evil.

The coldness of your touch,

how it makes my body shiver.

I could not imagine life without you,

your life had ended years ago.

Mine will to this I know,

to be without you I cannot bare.

Every minute I want to share,

you can make it so.

I never have to let you go,

take my blood and make me yours.

I want this more and more,

it runs through my veins like no other.

This is what I have longed for,

you make me whole and complete.

Take me to the other side,

love me today love me tomorrow.

Love me now and love me forever,

I will be faithfully yours.

I will protect you till the end,

keep me with you for eternity.

Make me your bride,

and stay by my side. " But she knew in her heart it never be..........but who know........


 She was 18 when she frist met the man who she has no name of............she is princess of the late king of Drake Crain, she  knows nothing of her father or what he was as she was rise by her unlce King William............ who was the late brother of King Drake Her Mother was Elizabeth Crain she was the most beauitful , Isabella is just like her mother with the beauty , she die giving birth to Isabella......She not known of her mother aswell, so she hasnt have a clue of who or what she is.. AS there was a dark secert of her past of her family she was hope to find out, but .All she know that she is princess and still loved her unknown Charmer..............Now time had change as she turn by her lover Aiden BlackRose with the blood of her mother..she turn into a vampire and smiles as she now happy and now with Aiden BlackRose as now belong to him for ever......

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Finding a place to lay low as a thief is a hard thing to do, especially when you have all kinds of people wanting to kill you for what you know and have stolen. Blackrose manor and its estate seem the best place for Jakx to lay low for a time till he can stop thinking he might turn the corner into the tip of a sword. Many people look at him strange for the cloths he wears that are mixed from many foriegn lands, the katana sword on his left side, and the silver gauntlet claw that his on his left hand.  His form is athletic, his body as been through much, his brown hair is coressed by the wind, and his red tatooed green eyes that can pierce right through a person. His only weakness is knowing how great his skill is and not being able to keep silent much about it. His not afraid to announce his a thief and one of the best. Just give him a job with a decent amount of coin and watch him work.

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Aiden BlackRose
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Aiden Blackrose

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Full name: Aiden Michael BlackRose

Nickname(s) or Alias: Aiden

Species: Hybrid

Birthday: October 31,1987

Sexuality: Straight

Nationality: Irish

Religion: Celtic

Currently lives: BlackRose Manor

Languages spoken: English

Native language: Gaelic

Relationship Status: Taken

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 195

Figure/build: Fit 

Hair colour: Red & Black

Hairstyle: short, hair rests about mid ear

Eye colour: Green

Skin/fur/etc colour: fair

Tattoos: Upper left arm, cletic knot work

Piercings: none

Scars/distinguishing marks: none

Personality: Calm

Likes: Passion, love, the arts

Dislikes: inmaturity, know it all types

Fears/phobias: Final death

Hobbies: reading, music, singing

Talents/skills: shape shifter, can change hair length and color and eye color at will

Peaceful or aggressive attitude? peaceful

Fighting skills/techniques: mixed martial arts though rarely used

Special skills/magical powers/etc:  inhuman strength, quick healing, inhuman speed

Weapon of choice (if any): none

Weaknesses in combat: Silver

Strengths in combat: inhuman speed and strength, quick healing

Leige : Raven BlackRose

Acquaintances: Isabella Cain ( consort ), Evalaine


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Aiden BlackRose