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Raven BlackRose

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A lady never tells her age.

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   Not much is known about the history of the Raven, nor does she talk much about her past. She was born gypsy, her caravan destroyed when she was but a child. She managed to survive quiet well on her looks and her wits alone.
    It was not until she was sired into the BlackRose family that she truly began to thrive. The life of a vampire suited her, at times too well. Though the blood of the gypsies still flowed through her veins and the need to roam was still strong.
    She travels from realm to realm at her leisure, not really calling anyplace home. The BlackRose manor seems to be the closest thing to a home she  has ever had and she spends as much time here as she can.

The many faces of The Raven. Which one will she show you?
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  The Raven's Song

Higher and higher the raven doth fly,
the wind beneath her wings.
If you listen with your heart,
you may even hear her sing.
What song will she sing for you,
if you are lucky enough to hear.
Will it fill your heart with sadness,
or even bring a tear.
Listen closely to the raven's song,
for it is one of woe.
Why is she so sad,
no one will ever know.

Poem by: Raven BlackRose

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