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Cain Romulus

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For a Master, he's an unusual sort. Where others are turned by force or choice and then brought up learning to survive from another, he wasn't given that luxury. In life he'd been a prodigy. A master at working the piano, he was constantly traveling. That wanderlust remains with him still as he seldom stays one place long, but always comes back for visits.

Where were we? Ah yes traveling. Upon a visit to the land of Rhydin he was the main attraction to an opening music hall. His first concert away from the eyes of his tutors and parents. He was twenty-three. The night had been long, the applause thunderous...drunk on the energy of the audience young Cain Alexander Romulus found his way to a nearby pub. Untethered by his keepers the young man wanted to experience life. He drank, he gambled, he womanized and fell into hedonistic revelry. He made himself noticed.

Drunk and staggering arm in arm with an opium blinded whore, Cain fell into the hands of a vampire. Neither he nor the woman on his arm knew what was happening as pain and bloodloss overwhelmed them. The whore died of her injuries. Our young prodigy was less fortunate. The vampire who made him remains a hidden identity. The drunken memories bringing neither gender nor defining traits...only a flood of unreconciled rage. Turned, and left to fend for himself like a wild animal, Cain is completely self-taught.

The first century of his undead life was spent in an obsessed hunt for the one who made him. All the while learning from other vampires he came across, using their pity and mockery to fuel his search. In his second century he discovered the gift of flight and could look through the memories of his victims when feeding. Not uncommon among the older vampires, but for so early he understood it meant his maker had been old. Yet none could figure out why he or she would leave Cain to find his own way through the night. Towards the end of his second century another rare thing occurred. While seducing a young sorcoress for knowledge on different fabled vampires, he drained her to the point of death, as he had others. Something triggered within him. With her memories came the knowledge of her spells. He couldn't use them at first but felt the electric surge along his fingertips. Like they were just out of reach behind a silk wall stronger than steel.

The breakthrough came while reading through her extensive library. She would spend days at a time locked within the large chamber of books and with her body hidden, the servants would be none the wiser. Or so he thought. Leafing through one of her larger tomes on necomantic thesis they came for him. So absorbed in reading through the tome for anything hinting at his maker, Cain failed to hear them coming. With stakes, hammers, torches and ropes they crashed through the doors and rushed him. Outnumbered and tasting fear for the first time in two centuries he felt the curtain come down. His thoughts synchronized with the lingering blood of the sorcoress in his veins.

Chains of lightning shot from his fingertips hitting the leaders and richocheting through the mob. It had been her strongest spell and with its expenditure he lost her memories. Physically weakened from the loss of so much power he crawled patheticly across the floor to where the lone survivor of the mob lay bleeding to death. The unfortunate soul's face a patchwork quilt or burns and charred flesh. With an apology, Cain fed. New memories came, but no power like that of the sorcoress.

The Ronin vampire Cain continues his search for the vampire who made him into a third century of life. His only gifts are those of any other vampire...and a bite that reflects his life of constant adaptation. He's learned to borrow the powers of others with his bite.The rare gifts of others his to utilize with even just a singular drop, but limited to the amount of blood ingested.

It's been 200 years since he last crossed paths with Lady Raven..only the fates can know what lies ahead.


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