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Welcome to Draco RP
The BlackRose Manor

Character Name:


Character Age:

24 by looks

Character Gender:


Character Background:

Species: Lycan

Birthdate: unknown

Nationality: unknown

Religion: ???

Currently Lives: nowhere

Status: single

Height/weight/build: Skiny, 5'10" 165lbs

Tattoos: left shoulder blade: Red nine ball

Scars: One on his right side lower back, called "the sweet spot". Happened when a target managed to get a lucky stab with a knife. Whenever someone hits him there, Warwick gets paralyzed.

Talents/skills: Assassin, very stealthy, very agile. Shadowmelding: able to shift into a shadowy state for one minute. Must recover for five minutes after doing so.

Weapon of choice: Anything.

Personality: Calm and quiet, kind and friendly out of combat. In combat...scary, brutal, harsh, and seemingly different than his normal self.

Warwick used to be an assassin, trained in the deadly arts of stealth and murder. In his youth, young warwick was attacked by a lycan and left for dead. Luckily he survived but the curse somehow changed him. He had turned into a hatred filled monster whose lust for bloodshed only rivaled with his capacity for violence. Durring his career, he loved to just find new ways to torture and kill people...for wasn't about the was about the pleasure in seeing the faces of those he stalked...seeing their last moments as he ripped them apart as a beast of shadow. Years passed; and slowly Warwicks mind took hold of sanity once again. He realized that this life...of uncontrolled, unchecked slaughter was not what he wanted for himself. Pulling from his lifelong job of assassination, Warwick banished himself from the world he once knew. He searched high and low for a way to control his apetite for death and destruction. More years passed; And Warwick began to control his inner demon, though...not as much as he had hoped for. Durring recent days Warwick has grown passive, calm, and submissive. The one thing that he seeks is a way to subdue his inner demon and stop the hardly controlable urge to kill for pleasure.

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