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Wyatt MacIntyre

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Full name: Wyatt Mathew MacIntyre


Nickname(s) or Alias: Wyatt, Mac, MacIntyre


Species: Lycan


Birthday: Unknown


Sexuality: Straight


Nationality: Sicilian


Religion: Pagan


Currently lives: Uknown


Languages spoken: English


Native language: Italian


Relationship Status: Single


Height : 6'2"


Weight : 232 lbs.


Figure/build: Athletic (highly fit muscles are well defined)


Hair colour: Black


Hairstyle: Med length slanted front to back


Eye colour: Blue


Skin/fur/etc colour: Darkish pale


Tattoos: none


Piercings: none


Scars/distinguishing marks: none


Personality: Docile


Likes: Moonlight


Dislikes: Rainy days


Fears/phobias: Silver


Peaceful or aggressive attitude? passive/aggressive


Fighting skills/techniques: Bushido, ninjustu, kick boxing, karate, tae kwon do, street fighting, boxing.


Special skills/magical powers/etc: shape shifting, accelerated healing, speed, strength


Weapon of choice (if any): Long sword, katana, sai's


Weaknesses in combat: Silver


Strengths in combat: Moonlight




I was out on a stroll on that fatefilled night. Little had I known that I was being watched.. I had taken my nightly walks from my village which sat not more than about 200 yards away. The night was cold, the moon full, and wind barely blowing. I heard a branch break from behind me. When I did I turned around to find my friend Joshua standing behind me. He had a wicked grin upon his face, one that I have never seen the likes of from him before. Just as I went to speak he took me by the neck lifting me up high into the air. In my amazement of his strength the answer as to why came quickly... he shifted into his beast form. Just when I thought i was free he swiftly bites me deep into my shoulder transfering his curse on to me.... After several years I learned to feed and kill. To shift and to hunt. I learned to survive on my own and how to fight... After so long I traveled enough roads until that night I was shown that path that lead me to my current home.... The BlackRose Manor.

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[email protected]