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Aiden Blackrose

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Full name: Aiden Michael BlackRose

Nickname(s) or Alias: Aiden

Species: Hybrid

Birthday: October 31,1987

Sexuality: Straight

Nationality: Irish

Religion: Celtic

Currently lives: BlackRose Manor

Languages spoken: English

Native language: Gaelic

Relationship Status: Taken

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 195

Figure/build: Fit 

Hair colour: Red & Black

Hairstyle: short, hair rests about mid ear

Eye colour: Green

Skin/fur/etc colour: fair

Tattoos: Upper left arm, cletic knot work

Piercings: none

Scars/distinguishing marks: none

Personality: Calm

Likes: Passion, love, the arts

Dislikes: inmaturity, know it all types

Fears/phobias: Final death

Hobbies: reading, music, singing

Talents/skills: shape shifter, can change hair length and color and eye color at will

Peaceful or aggressive attitude? peaceful

Fighting skills/techniques: mixed martial arts though rarely used

Special skills/magical powers/etc:  inhuman strength, quick healing, inhuman speed

Weapon of choice (if any): none

Weaknesses in combat: Silver

Strengths in combat: inhuman speed and strength, quick healing

Leige : Raven BlackRose

Acquaintances: Isabella Cain ( consort ), Evalaine


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Aiden BlackRose