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The BlackRose Manor

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Finding a place to lay low as a thief is a hard thing to do, especially when you have all kinds of people wanting to kill you for what you know and have stolen. Blackrose manor and its estate seem the best place for Jakx to lay low for a time till he can stop thinking he might turn the corner into the tip of a sword. Many people look at him strange for the cloths he wears that are mixed from many foriegn lands, the katana sword on his left side, and the silver gauntlet claw that his on his left hand.  His form is athletic, his body as been through much, his brown hair is coressed by the wind, and his red tatooed green eyes that can pierce right through a person. His only weakness is knowing how great his skill is and not being able to keep silent much about it. His not afraid to announce his a thief and one of the best. Just give him a job with a decent amount of coin and watch him work.

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