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The BlackRose Manor

Character Name:

J'nali Anubel

Character Age:

True Age: 547 Years (Appears 17)

Character Gender:


Character Background:

Nick Name: The Crimson Crone, J'ni (she absolutely hates this one)

Description: J'nali stands 5'11" 137lbs; taller than most back in her day and frail in appearance. Her dark crimson hair falls past her shoulders in straight tresses and she was fair skinned even before the vampiric blood worked its charm throughout her body. Light brown irises straddle a thin nose resting atop small red lips. She died having never given herself over to, or having been taken by a man and at times her femininity can become obscured. Strangely she looks more the witch in death than she ever had in life. She has a preference for dark clothing, usually long dresses with high collars but when such attire is impractical she can blend in easily with the day’s fashions. She may be pleasant to the eye and sweet to the ear but she has no qualms about taking life be it human or otherwise.

Breed: Like all vampires she possesses enhanced strength allowing her to jump further, lift or move heavier objects and run faster than mortals. She can seem to disappear in the middle of conversations but it's only a speedy trick. When the dark gift worked its way through her veins and transformed her into a vampiric being five and a half centuries ago the few abilities she had begun to learn through witchcraft started to show themselves in strange ways. At first they came completely against her will and she was powerless to stop them. Indeed she thought she was going mad and before her 100th year she had already seriously contemplated ending her unlife. But eventually she gained control of the visions and sounds that came to her and has since restrained it to an experience brought on purely through tactile contact. Similar to many psychics, if a place or object was involved in or housed extreme events she's able to pick up residual impressions through touch. It's almost like a burst of data that’s received all at once though there is no linear logic and once experienced the energy dissipates permanently leaving the inanimate object void of whatever energy it may have possessed.

Personality: Regardless of how she may come across, J'nali does not have it all figured out. She was never an overly cheerful individual, and since her rebirth as a vampire the closest she has come to happiness would be perhaps described as passive or content. In general she is quick to anger or hurt and her words can sting when she releases them unchecked. Filtering them only wraps them tightly around a core of wit and sarcasm, but her company can be pleasant never the less. She lives in the moment, and tries not to linger too long on the past. She has never been in love and her only memories of it are the foggy recollections of childhood. She puts little stock in their worth and tries to forget her mortal life whenever possible. Unlike some of her kind who secretly despise what they have become, J'nali enjoys the transformation and has ever since she was turned with the exception of her first few years when she thought she was going insane. She cared very little for her fellow man as a mortal and cares less for them now. As is the case with most Vampires, she has a hard time dealing with emotions that she did not experience in her daylight years. Processing new feelings is very difficult so she holds onto those that were with her last in a mortal life; melancholy, jealousy, hatred, revenge.

History: J'nali was born into a wealthy family five and half centuries ago. The land was distant and far removed from the valley of Blackwulf; times were tough, but her father made a good living off their vineyards. They were not so affluent as to be part of the Aristocracy, but they did have ties to the nobility and their lives were happy despite the times. Her mother was a soft spoken woman and rarely forced the girl to do anything she did not wish to do. Perhaps a bit more guidance and discipline would have saved J’nali’s life if not her soul. As she grew older she spent more time with the servants against her family's wishes and behind their backs; picking up their 'spiritual' beliefs in the process. She became enamored with their rituals and practices and eventually denounced her family to study witchcraft. Less than a year into her 'tutelage' a massive witch hunt spread through the countryside. She was arrested and tried for witchcraft along with many. Her father came forward in her defense, claiming she had been led astray, but it was to no avail. She was strung up and hung from a low hanging branch with little ceremony and left to sway in the haunting silence as a deterrent to all who bore witness. That was her life, and her death. But it laid the foundation for her next one, the pseudo life given her by the undead. It was a strong branch and a stout rope that she was left to hang from for 2 days, but cold hands finally removed her from the gallows, removed the noose from around her neck. She was brought across with less pomp than her hanging. She remembers his face, but never knew her creator. J’nali’s first attempt to sire a fledgling resulted in a pathetic excuse of a vampire who was not cutout for the trials such a life would entail. The relationship between the two of them appeared to be mandated out of guilt and a sense of responsibility to keep the weaker one alive. J’nali had been too young and not possessed enough strength to pass on to another. Out of loneliness J’nali worked the dark gift on her father 25 years after her own turning so that the apparent difference between their ages was more along the lines of a grandfather & grandchild even though in total years they were almost the same age. They have a tumultuous understanding that she reserves no special place in her heart for him though they may each pretend otherwise when the need arises. On the rare occasion that they have need or forced opportunity to speak to one another it is always the same, he reaching out and she pushing him away. Some teenagers never grow up. In moments of extreme anger or passion the extrinsic accent of her youth comes back to lace her words. It's always present but easily forgotten unless she wants you to notice.

Those events and many more that followed in the years to come shaped her opinion of what it was to be a vampire and it was not until she made the voyage over the seas to the new realms that she learned of the existence of Covens. She continued her witchcraft even in death while she and her father slowly created a name for themselves, but not before she'd lost her second fledgling to madness and self imposed immolation.

It is at this point we continue J’nali’s story. She has fled from her father Jareth and the estates she created, but she has not escaped from the past which seems unwilling to let her embrace any new life.

Weaknesses: She's not very understanding or tolerant of others opinions when they differ from her own. Temper can be both an asset and a burden.

Fears & Dislikes: Fire, lynch-mobs, Sunlight & Dogs, children, bright lighting

Vampiric Powers:

Auspex - the discipline of supernaturally heightened senses and extended perception

Presence - the discipline of supernatural allure, charm, attraction & emotional manipulation

J'nali's powers should be working on their base levels in a near subconscious state. Basically she'd be aware of her environment, including the emotional state of the company around her at all times, to at least some extent. The effects to most of which would be comparable to instinct or gut intuition. She can focus and direct the ability toward specific senses to increase their range and strength. It's important to note that traumas caused by sensory overload (i.e. loud noises, extreme lighting, physical attacks) while in this state last much longer and can be more intense. The sixth sense, or extended perception, exists outside of the five known senses of sight, sound, smell, touch & taste and can range from the relatively common ability to detect danger or trust from a person to the visual and audio bombardment of residual psycho kinetic energy contained within a particular space. The energy within that space could be contained inside an object or a place and even a living body. There have always been individuals throughout human history who have had the ability to perceive these phenomenons, and eventually there were those who were able to develop the ability. When you combine that unexplained ability with the supernatural inner beast that is at the very core of the vampire's power you have a mysterious power that has not yet been fully explored or understood by even the Vampire community.

Examples of Extended Perception and the phenomenon that it detects and allows its user to interact with can include, but are not limited to:




Knowledge or memories of events that were not witnessed by the user or recorded history, most often implanted into a space by an extreme emotional stain. It's interesting to note that nearly all of these stains are negative in nature which is to say it requires a concentrated dose of or prolonged exposure to those emotions commonly associated with sadness, death, pain, hatred or fear. Because the medium in which this information is imparted to the user is emotional in nature, the effect these experiences have on the user's own psychological and emotional state can be very disturbing and unpredictable. Users of this ability are inclined to be gifted channels to the realms of existence outside of those that mankind has yet been made aware.


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