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Kyo Enduro Howling

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Kyo Enduro Howling

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Looks 20

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Kyo Enduro Howling is a lycan who comes from a very tragic past, he is a very distant and aloof individual he keeps to himself and has very little patients for others. He enjoys his solitude and is difficult to get close to. He dislikes people who need to be protected by others and is hard to trust in others. This all started in his past where he was nearly killed and came across a small village, he was taken in by the inhabitants who did not fear or turn from him they nursed him back to health and he lived a peaceful existence here for several years. Here he was taught how to use a sword and how to fight he quickly excelled at hand to hand combat.One day when he was out for a hunt his village was attacked by agroup of anti-monster extremist who were sent to "Cleanse"the village the leader of the group Chrono gave the order, Kyo returned to a destroyed town and a few hunters, Kyo managed to fightthem off. Now the soul surviver of the small village and blaming himself for the massacre he is constantly on the run his only objects he has to hold on to the memory of the village is the Mythril sword given to him as protector of the village and his headband that he wears all the time which means a lot to him. He still has yet to find some way to cope with his past however perhaps he could move on if he could trust again. He is difficult to get close to but if you care enough about him good luck opening him up. Aside from his skills with the sword and martial arts he is fond of cooking and is really good at it and he enjoys pool he is also a skilled guitar player and he cares for his guitar deeply.


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