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Ancient History
  As for the origins of this particular bloodline they date back to a time before light was created, when the universe belonged to the darkness of night. A time when shadows seemed to be alive and evil was rampant. It was during this time of evil ruthlessness that a race of such power and such hunger for domination would emerge from the cracks within the shadows. One Woman would be born from the dark to rise up and fulfill a destiny of great power. Her name was only whispered, in fear to call her attention upon whichever victim dare to speak it. That name was, Victoria and she would form an empire within the eternal darkness known as BlackRose.
  From her becoming she would face being hunted only to become the hunter and extract her wrath upon those who had the misfortune to cross her path. She would face trials and tribulations unheard of and each time be triumphant. Though the darkness can be a lonely dwelling and so she would then curse and bring the innocent unto her and in exchange for their soul she would give them the gift of immortality. And eventually they stood a legion strong ready to battle and conquer their enemies and leave an ocean of spilled blood as their mark.

  In her rule, the BlackRose Bloodline had been overflowing with activity and well as weakness and corruption. Victor Xevior BlackRose, current Coven Master, Father, and Liege, served as Prince of the BlackRose Coven for several years before he was betrayed by his mother in a dispute which he had defended her honor against the Devorare coven. As our history is only based off of the written documents in the Coven's archives, the exact details are unclear, and for this story, insignificant.

  What is significant is that shortly after this treachery, it is recorded that Victor renounced his title as prince, but kept the BlackRose name and left the coven, taking those with him who were loyal. This included Gryphon BlackRose and Vincent Steffan BlackRose, Victoria's Brothers, Viper BlackRose, Gryphon's Son, Trinka BlackRose, Victor's adopted sister, Kabuki BlackRose, Victor's Adopted Cousin, Daemon BlackRose, Kabuki's Husband, Tara McAllister BlackRose, Gryphon's wife, and others of no certain importance who's names have faded into history. With their aid, and the aid of others outside of the Coven, most notably the Shadow Wolves Lycan Pack, and the Synful Sindicate Lycan Pack, as well as the Queen of the Dragon Tamer kingdom the Ordos Empire, Empress Miriam Ordos; Victor was able to take the throne of the BlackRose coven and depose Queen Victoria's Reign.

  Throughout Victor's Reign of the coven, it flourished, if not in numbers than purely by renown and strength. The coven gained strong allies of various races and from far away lands. The Coven was evenly split into four separate covens and spread throughout Rhy'Din. The North Rhy'Din BlackRose Coven was led by Gryphon BlackRose after his wife Tara BlackRose, remarried and took a portion of the bloodline with her and there was the Eastern BlackRose Coven, led by Kabuki BlackRose and her husband Daemon BlackRose, they were renown for their fierce dragon mounts and exotic clothing style such as the painted porcelain battle-masks. And our main coven, the Southern BlackRose Coven of Rhy'Din ruled by King Victor Xevior BlackRose and his wife, Queen Ardel Stykon BlackRose.

  But with power and renown comes war. And the coven had plenty of it, from all directions. The Synful Syndicate turned their maws and claws against the coven, the DarkRose Vampire covens from the Lost Kingdom of Lacastra, and many more waged countless wars against the coven, but it withstood all. That is, until the Blood Moon was conjured and the Lycans from the Southlands decimated the coven, killing all but Victor himself , and a small handful of others scattered throughout Rhy'Din, before he finally beat them into a retreat.
A Coven Reborn

  Stories tell that Victor, on a journey to rebuild his fallen coven, came across a rogue for hire. The rogue had his own reasons to hate the Lycans. Known simply as Bayne, the rogue admitted that he himself was in fact one of their kind. What transpired next is something of a mystery to the historians. Despite Victor's purist nature, he had the young rogue sired into the coven, by his newest fledgling. A Drow sorceress named Maliara. In doing so however, the curse of the wolf blood began it's insidious spread through the coven.

  Over time even Victor took the curse upon himself, not wishing to be seen as weaker then his coven members. It was during this time a certain gypsy was sired into the coven by Victor. Given the choice of life or death she chose life, not know at the time that life would turn her into the one thing she despised most. Lycan!

  She embraced the vampire but it wasn't long before she found out about the hybrid curse. She fought the beast that raged within her, hid it from the coven and they thought she had been spared. Suppressing the beast almost killed her. Becoming moody and withdrawn, it was not long before the rogue alone, realized what she was doing. He confronted her, helped her try to cope as best he could. Only he understood her hatred for the blood that raged through her veins and that hatred brought them closer. Forming a strong bond between the gypsy and the rogue.


  Alas the time of the Hybrid came to an abrupt end with the arrival of Victors long lost wife. A fellow purist who hated the wolf blood with a passion beyond that of even Victor's. To placate his love, Victor found a way to purge the blood from the coven, returning the infected back to pure Vampirism. Only three refused the purge. Bayne, Maliara and Raven. The gypsy being taught long ago that all things must come to pass and her bond with the rogue, she kept the hybrid blood.

  The three of them became the BlackRose Honor Guard and was regarded in high esteem for their sacrifices by Victor. But his wife did not see things the same way and often refereed to them as mutts. It was at this time that the gypsy left the coven and answered the call of her roaming spirit. Though she never lost touch with Bayne.

Recent History


   For centuries she fought the beast, each battle making it harder and harder to suppress that which lurked inside her. Summoned by the coven once more she assumed her place as Honor Guard, though few knew what they truly were. Each battle made the beast grow stronger and one day she came across an Alpha. After a great battle she lost herself to the beast. He suppressed the beast that raged within her. He forced her to accept an therefore learn to control what she was. It was only then that she reached her true power.


   The coven is once again thriving and has taken back it's rightful place in the lands of Rhy'Din and Theadys. The battles are still fought, but few challenge King Victor Xevior BlackRose. In this time of peace the gypsy often found herself bored and longing to roam once more. The letter from Lord Blackwulf could not have come at a better time. The gypsy once again took her leave from the coven she now called family. It is here that our story begins.


A new home, a new land, a new beginning...

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