The BlackRose Manor

The Blackwulf Valley

  Few find their way into the valley of Blackwulf. Surrounded as it is by majestic mountains. Only one pass cuts into the mountain. Tall cliffs on both sides, one way in, one way out, the pass is often missed by most. Or perhaps only viewed by those that were meant to see it.

  If you are lucky enough to find your way into the valley, it's beauty will take your breath away. Snow capped mountains off in the distance. A quaint village nestled into the center of the valley. A small spring fed creek, runs through the valley, supplying fresh water. Lush forest, skirt the mountains and extend upward, providing plenty of game. Scattered throughout the valley are individual homesteads, farmers supplying fresh produce. Though most of the inhabitants live in the village of Blackwulf. The valley has sustained itself and it's inhabitants for centuries with no need of the outside world.

   In the distance, built into one of the mountains, sits the BlackRose manor. A menacing stone structure, centuries old, it appears as if it is part of the mountain itself. In it's time it was known as Castle Blackwulf. A long winding road up the mountain takes you there, though it is rumored that there are secret passages and entrances throughout the mountain itself. Large balconies at the back of the castle, look out over the valley below and the surrounding mountains. At the top of the mountain is the entrance to the castle. Once inside, it is larger then one expects. To one sides sits a large stable with many fine horses. An open courtyard and small gardens through out the grounds of the castle.


  It is said that the valley got it's name from the seldom seen pack of black wolves that roam the hidden valley. Though the castle itself was owned by one Lord Alaric Blackwulf, a vampire, who settled here over nine centuries ago. He has ruled over this land and protected it's inhabitants for centuries. Growing weary of his existence, Lord Alaric has taken his rest in a tomb, hidden somewhere within the mountain. He left his home and his holdings in the care of one he held dear to his heart. The Lady Raven BlackRose, a wandering gypsy, who found her way to his door and into his heart almost a century ago. Being the gypsy she was, it wasn't long before he realized he'd never hold her, With reluctance he released the Raven, hoping one day she would find her way back to his arms. She never did.................


   Now Raven has returned to the castle and renamed it The BlackRose Manor. She has taken up the position of caretaker of the lands of Blackwulf and those that inhabit it. She opens her home to others like her. Offering them a safe haven, a refuge, a place to learn, to accept, to embrace what they are.

Below you will find some images that will give you a feel for the valley and the manor alike.




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